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Why Every Woman Needs a Male Best Friend

Whether you find yourself trapped on a tedious date or unexpectedly encounter your ex, a male best friend always seems to emerge just in time for the rescue. He's the guy who offers the best dating advice as you navigate the world of dating apps, swiping left and right. And when you've recently parted ways with your boyfriend, he's the one ready to assist you in letting off steam, perhaps by channeling your frustrations towards a shattered car window. In essence, every woman benefits from having a male best friend in her life. If you remain unconvinced, allow us to make our case.

Had a rough day at work? Your male best friend probably already knows about it and eagerly awaits your return, armed with your favorite glass of wine, ready for you to relax and unwind. Did you bomb an exam? He's there to console you with a special box of chocolates that you adore, making you feel better. No matter the situation, a male best friend serves as your personal superhero. While others may speculate that there's something more between you two, you both just share a hearty laugh at their expense.

A woman need not conform to any particular stereotype to have a male best friend; it's a bond that transcends clichés. She can be the epitome of glamour and sophistication yet feel completely at ease and goofy around him. We believe that having a male best friend is a significant asset. Still skeptical? Let's explore why a woman should have a male best friend in her life.

1. The Dating Advice

Every woman has, at least once, chosen the wrong partner and later regretted it. It's undeniable that the dating pool is filled with a variety of individuals, some good, some not so good. Physical attraction can lead a woman to overlook warning signs, thinking she can change a man's character and make him fall for her. However, a female with a male best friend has access to invaluable advice. He'll provide her with honest insights into the guy in question and offer tips on navigating the dating scene. As a man, he comprehends the male psyche and personality better than anyone else.

2. A Reduction in Drama

We don't intend to belittle women, but the presence of numerous female friends can sometimes lead to unnecessary drama that can be draining. However, when you have a male best friend, there's notably less drama. This doesn't imply that disagreements won't occur, but he won't hold grudges or resort to the silent treatment. His approach is more practical, with less inclination towards jealousy over past events.

3. Unwavering Honesty

A male best friend values honesty as the cornerstone of any relationship. If you're not looking your best for a date, he won't sugarcoat it but will tell you upfront. If your boyfriend has been unfaithful, he won't shy away from sharing that harsh truth. Expect candid, constructive criticism from him, because that's what having a guy's best friend entails.

4. Trustworthy Secrets Keeper

Your male best friend will safeguard all your secrets, whether you harbor a crush on the most popular guy in college or you once cheated on an exam. He won't spill the beans to the next person he encounters. You can confide in him with absolute confidence, even when revealing your most embarrassing secrets. No need to fret about the cat escaping from the bag.

In Conclusion

A male best friend is an indispensable addition to any woman's life, especially in an era when true friendships can be hard to come by. Your bond with a male friend will be a cherished treasure for him, regardless of where life takes him. The reasons we've highlighted for having a male best friend are perhaps the most compelling. Happy Friendship Day!

Written by: Deepti Dogra

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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