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Why do Men fail? Moving on from Failure

Men who want to be successful often have a fear of losing that gets in the way of their goals. Some succeed, and some fail. Failure is something that is difficult to digest and affects the personal growth of men. Men are always occupied with deep, disturbing thoughts, which fail them and also affect them emotionally. The thoughts that men feel when they fail are bound to lurk into other areas of life. Men can have relationship problems, money issues, anxieties, etc., and failing at them may cause distress in their lives. What is it that makes men fail? Why do men suddenly fall into hopeless and negative thoughts when they face their biggest opportunities?

Here are some of the reasons why men fail, which every man should read:

You fail because you are too distracted 

Men are distracted, and so are others. Distraction, whether big or small, is worthy enough to lose one’s focus. Just think about how you waste time on useless social media communications, scrolling for feeds when you are working, and wasting time on irrelevant and unproductive tasks. You are just procrastinating, maybe because you are distracted. You miss important goals due to your lack of focus and end up on the losing side. Distractions may seem trivial and small, but they hamper your productivity.

Practising some self-discipline will help you beat distractions. You can begin by turning your phone to silent or off while working. You can skip watching political or other important news for a month and see the difference for yourself. Your mind will be more focused and less distracted. Practice is the key!

You fail because you are not persistent enough 

You must have heard about the proverb “Try, try, and try until you succeed,” which is still relevant when faced with failure. Preservation and persistence are two essential components when you want to succeed. Many successful people often share their stories of struggling days and how they kept on trying until they eventually succeeded, which speaks volumes of their ability to endure against the wind.

When confronted with adversity, most people give up in the early stages. Yes, struggling is difficult, and it breaks you. But do you have any other options? Other than keep trying? We give up on our passions because we want instant gratification, and we give up on them too easily. Something that you want desperately will never come easy. And what’s the fun if it’s all too easy? So keep trying until you achieve what you are seeking.

You fail because you don’t trust yourself

Believing that you don’t deserve what you want is the biggest roadblock between you and your dreams. There could be many reasons that made you feel like you didn’t deserve what you wanted or that you had self-doubts, such as being bullied and being made to think you were good for nothing, or something inside of us making us feel uncomfortable with the idea of accomplishing too many great things as a result.

Self-doubt and not trusting yourself, wreck your potential for achieving great things and instead creates the path for further failure. The fear eclipses the thoughts, and the fear of rejection or losing hampers the true potential. The fear inside you will always be there and remain an invisible barrier; what you need to do is accomplish this fear. Fear can only be removed by persistence and doing things that can overcome your fear. Thinking right and giving your thoughts some respect is the way to start. Putting some action into your thoughts is the second step, and being persistent throughout is the final step.

You fail because you don’t nurture relationships and friendships   

Having no social skills or ability to nurture relationships, whether personal or professional, makes you fail. It’s okay to be self-sufficient and trust your instincts, but you’ll need connections to progress. Poor connection skills will make you a loner and create a trust deficit between you and other people.

Nurturing friendships is necessary, as a man cannot just not socialise. If you are bad at it, you need to work on your nurturing skills ASAP! A lonely mind can become toxic. Even if you achieve something and reach the top, is there any good without anyone by your side? You can start by joining some social groups where you can meet new friends and acquaintances, which will help you not be lonely; you can also contact old friends with whom you have lost touch.

In A Nutshell

Never forget that failure is the first step to success, and it can teach you the best life lessons that will help you in the long run. Being persistent and believing in what you want will take you miles higher. Everything comes with a cost, and that cost is you fearing that you will fail, but persistence will eventually make you successful; just trust yourself!

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