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Health and Wealth: When Jack falls Jill too will come Tumbling After

It's unquestionably a competitive world. And we are all up for a race. Isn't that how we have been living, chasing wealth?

Especially as men shoulder the burdens and lead the way, how often do we tend to forget health? If not, is it the other way around—that wealth drives our health?

"Health is wealth" is what we all know and is probably the first quote of our lives. But how many of us even take it seriously? Or is it even the truth?

For men, it is crucial to comprehend the significant relationship between wealth and health. In various respects, good health has a direct impact on financial well-being. First and foremost, leading a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a well-balanced diet lowers medical costs and protects one from the financial burden of chronic illnesses.

Additionally, it raises productivity, improving opportunities for employment and money. An essential factor that affects decision-making, work performance, and the capacity for future planning is mental health. Prioritizing one's physical and mental health not only lowers healthcare costs but also ensures long-term financial security, demonstrating that investing in one's health is equivalent to investing in one's wealth and, as a result, resulting in a life that is more successful and enjoyable.

Let's explore the interlinked wealth in the article. And try to find a balance as we untangle the two sides of the story.

Is Health the Real Wealth?

We, humans, are designed in such a way that health acts as the portal to all the other channels of life. We are at our most productive when we are in our best health. Preserving health with a work-life balance is credited with better financial resources for the future.

Additionally, it costs you money to stay unhealthy. For instance, junk foods, alcohol, and smoking are some widely unhealthy habits people have.

Another claim by the Centers for Disease Control suggests that an obese person can save up to $5,300 on his medical bills just by losing ten percent of his weight. Surely, adopting a healthy lifestyle saves some bucks.

Health is linked not just to the means of income or work but also to the satisfaction we derive from all forms of consumption. Studies suggest a gradual decrease in satisfaction derived from consumption as health worsens.

In layman's terms, all the riches of the world would be pretty meaningless if we didn't have the right health to enjoy them. Our basic emotional need, happiness, is impacted by our health. All of it points to the fact that as much as riches are a reward, one needs health to claim them.

Is Wealth Real Health?

Now, that may sound unreal. But several studies prove that it's not just health that will allow you to enjoy wealth. Also, your wealth has an impact on your health conditions. Just like Jack and Jill, if one falls, the other tumbles after!

If, at some point in life, one has experienced an empty pocket, I believe that explains it all. A decrease in wealth relates to an increase in stress and anxiety. So, the lens of wealth impacts our version of health too.

One such instance is multidisciplinary research that suggests a close link between wealth and cardiovascular diseases, such that one cannot ignore the impact of wealth on health.

Masking off wealth aspects while propagating a healthy lifestyle would be a blind business. But one may find a true balance between them. Because, without a doubt, to achieve one, we need the other.

Keeping the Health-Wealth Balance

Whether it is health or wealth, one can surely plan to make the best of both.

To strengthen the financial part, set a specific set of goals and objectively work on them. But remember not to do it at the expense of your health. Keep it realistic and achievable. Let not the hustle culture drown you in the burnout tragedy.

On the other hand, balance health with your lifestyle through certain simple adaptations. It may include a good diet, a workout schedule, stretches for a couple of minutes, or a few moments of restful meditation. Although it may look like little changes in your life, they are bound to have a meaningful impact on your overall well-being.


The argument over whether it is health or wealth stands still, with no clear winner. It is because they are undoubtedly the two faces of the same coin, and in order to accomplish one aspect, the other has to stand by its side. When you decide to ditch one, the other side will fail too, and vice versa.

So men out there, just remember that it's all about keeping the balance between health and wealth intact. As much as it is necessary to hustle to keep up with the changing world, don't forget that you only have one physical body to experience all the riches of life. So, make sure to take care of the body you reside in first.


Written By - Sameena

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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