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What Your Favourite Drink Says About You, as a Man?

If you like to drink and engage in cocktails now and then, most probably you don’t want to see the menu to order your drinks. It’s either “one whiskey please” and never a “gin cocktail” and you might mix it up to change your taste but there is always a drink that is near your heart. Do you ever get curious why is that? Why does that liquor always mean “good times” to you? Well, we might have an answer. Read below to find out how liquor and personalities are interlinked.


One of the most popular drinks in the world but not everyone is a fan particularly, it doesn’t mean you are like everyone else too. You are certainly not someone who would go ballistic over a few shots but you are someone who loves to enjoy their drinks with a certain calm and some intellectual and insightful conversations. You are someone who is into new experiences and loves to blab about them as well. People who like whiskey/scotch know it goes best with water and ice. The right amount of water will amplify your taste and high both.


Enjoying the moment and living in it one sip at a time that is your poison. You don’t need much more than good music and a light buzz to have a good time. Typically at parties, you are the last one of the last men standing and sometimes the only one too. And we might find you hanging on the balcony listening to the poetic A R Rahman.

Rum and coke are the classic mix for sure but have you ever tried adding some soda water to it. Add some lemon and mint leaves to give it some flavour. This refreshing cocktail is recommended for all the rum lovers out there.


If you love gin, it is a clear indication that you like your drinks as tasteful as your life. You are proud of your individuality and are not afraid to stand out of the crowd. To conclude, you are one of a kind and you know it! We know gin and soda are the love mix but try gin-martini for a change. It is an unpopular belief but gin goes well with anything from soda water to pineapple juice.


The party is full of you, is hosted by you and the reason for the party, it’s you. You are someone who doesn’t shy from celebrating, be it a little setback or a big achievement. You don’t take life too seriously and are a person who lives in the moment. Tequila is not just a drink but a cause of celebration and so are you! Also if you are a tequila guy, that means you are into shots and chugging your drinks down, but keep that aside for a while and try a Paloma. A refreshing drink made with tequila and grapefruit juices. This will change the flavour and make the tequila tastier while still maintaining that tequila buzz.


If you can have beer in every season, it is fine to assume that you are a pretty cool and chilled out guy. You love getting loose whether drunk or not. That is why you love beer so much, as it is a medium for you to enjoy with your friends and not a point of impulsiveness. Beer is best served chilled.


You aren’t a regular drinker, but when you do drink you go all in. Vodka is the drink that will make you cry on “memories” by Maroon 5 and make you move your feet on “hostel” by Sharry Maan. It brings all those college memories back and why won’t it, that is when you first tasted it. You are the one who likes to dance with his buddies on all time songs like the ones we told above and will always be young at heart. Also people who drink vodka know it is the most versatile drink of all. It goes with almost anything from cranberry juice to lemonade to soda water, everything is good to go. A personal recommendation would be the LIIT which is an exotic cocktail.


Wine is the drink of the poised and sophisticated. If you love wine, your tastes are exclusive and unique. For you, wine is the perfect way to end a painful and tiring week. You are a romantic at heart and aren’t afraid to show it too. Although good wine is enough on its own, it is okay to try some classic wine cocktails too, namely the wine spritzer. It will lighten you up on a boring summer day.

Seems that drinks tell more about you and your personality than any other parameters. We advise readers to do their research carefully and pick out a drink that most suits them. Also, drink safely – never drink and drive. If you are spending 1000 bucks on drinks, 200 for a cab might not be much.

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