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What does she think about beards?

Men have an unsaid obsession with beards. The delima starts with the onset of teenage when the majority of the boys start getting their facial hair. Many struggle with getting them and some get them even before age. It is always a task to choose between guys with beards or a clean shaved squad. But again it is all about preferences. It is also about what suits your face. Some people rock a beard like a pro while some steal all the attention with a cute clean shaven look.

But if you are going for your first date with this girl and want to keep your beard game right, you need to know what women think about beards. Again, it is very subjective. But if she likes men with beards, then how should your beard be? But on a side note, women usually do like men with beards. Let us know why!

Why do women like beards?

According to scientific studies, beards make men look more masculine. It gives them a mature appearance that attracts women. Many women find men with beards sexy while also an impression of a responsible man.

In terms of evolution, a guy with facial hair has traditionally been seen as being stronger, more socially powerful, and more manly than other males. Even powerful men in ancient Egypt had thick, pointed hair on their chins. This is usually due to high testosterone levels in a man which results in more hair and since testosterone always equals more masculine traits, hence, men with beards equals strength.

A woman can learn a lot about a man’s health and toughness from his increased masculinity. More masculine looks are typically associated with a man of physical prowess and social aggressiveness. It may also be a sign of a man with a strong immune system.

  1. It makes the man look healthier.

  2. It makes the man look more sexually attractive and healthy.

  3. It makes the man look mature and powerful.

  4. Sometimes, it even indicates that men with beards are good with relationships and parenting, which is due to the mature factor.

How to keep your beard for her.

Generally, men do experiments with their beard. But if you have a partner and her opinion matters, here are some unsaid facts about how she likes your beard.

Length matters

Women do like men with beards but length matters. Short,spiky, rough beard is going to hurt her face while you guys cherish romantic moments together. It can cause itchiness and make your partner uncomfortable instead. To avoid that keep your beard at medium length. Trim it instead of shaving all in once.

Keep it neat and clean.

Like any other hair, beards need to be cleansed and conditioned. In fact, your beard requires more cleaning than any other hair because of all the food that passes through it. While you’re in the shower, shampoo it and make sure to condition it. Use a beard oil or balm to make your beard more softer. A well kept beard can be one of the most attractive traits that you have of yourself. Having a softer beard will prevent the previous point that’s mentioned!

Moustache alert

It is very obvious. You need to trim your moustache and maintain it as much as you maintain your beard. A long moustache can cover your mouth and your lips which will instead make your romantic interests deter away from you. It is responsible for your overall look and your hygiene. 


Women are attracted by men who have a beard but most importantly they are attracted and fall for the guy who keeps it maintained. It is completely your choice if you want a beard or not. But if you are going for it, here are the tips to woo your girl.

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