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Vasectomy vs Condoms: Analyzing Both The Measures

Featured image Vasectomy VS Condoms

Men who are looking for contraceptive methods and want to prevent themselves from the risk of an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. They also need protection from different sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are already accepted in society as a reliable method of contraception. Vasectomy is also common for men who are looking for a permanent solution. Both of them are important in family planning and taking control over when to get pregnant or not. Hence, Vasectomy vs. Condoms.

Both of these methods are very successful as contraceptives. We can see that latex-based condoms are around 95% successful. On the other hand, vasectomy is more than 99% effective with only one in 2000 chance of failure. Yes none of them are 100% effective; only abstinence is 100% effective.

So it is a question for all men in a relationship or not whether they will undergo vasectomy and keep using condoms or in short Vasectomy vs. Condoms.

This article covers the various sides of the two methods of contraception with all their pros, cons, costs, and side effects.

Advantages of using Vasectomy

Advantages of Vasectomy

Men who want to use permanent contraception can get a vasectomy. Less than 1 vasectomy failed in every 2000 procedures. Condoms are not necessary, and sex can be less pre-planned and more enjoyable as a result. A man can stop depending on the woman for birth control with a vasectomy. If you're unsure whether she's trying to conceive covertly, you can be sure that you're not the father.

Advantages of Condoms as a Contraceptive Measure

Advantages of Condoms

Condoms are an efficient method of preventing sexually transmitted infections for men who have multiple lovers or who are worried about being exposed to the diseases through their partners. When used correctly, the success rate for using disposable condoms as a kind of birth control is up to 95%. Additionally flexible in terms of contraception, and condoms. If a man and a woman decide to have kids, his partner may become pregnant after they stop using condoms.

Disadvantages of Condoms

 Couple stressed

Condom failure occurs frequently, with failure rates which range from 5 to 40%. Examples include when condoms come undone or rupture during sex. Condoms reduce the spontaneity of sex and, occasionally, the enjoyment for one of them or both partners.

One must possess one in order to use one, and occasionally they are unavailable just when you require them the most. It is also an extra expenditure in a monogamous committed relationship as there is almost no risk of transmitting STIs.

Condoms are problematic in case of a person having an allergy to latex. They can show symptoms of allergy during or even after sex which can be problematic in a relationship. You must stop using condoms and consult a doctor if you show signs of allergy.

Disadvantages of using Vasectomy for birth control

Man doing checkup

Although a vasectomy is an irreversible form of birth control. Approximately five percent of men eventually decide they want to start a family after having a vasectomy. This frequently takes place when they start a new relationship. Although sperm recollection for IVF or vasectomy reversal are options, they are pricey and not always successful. It also comes with risks of various long-term impacts after the surgery.

Additionally, a vasectomy does not offer protection against STDs. You will need condoms when you become intimate with different partners at different times. There is still the risk of contracting STIs with an unprotected sexual act. A small percentage of men experience chronic pain or discomfort, which may call for medical attention.

The Comparison of Costs

Money notes

According to an article on the cost of these two methods of birth control in men by MSI Australia, "Based on the current price of market-leading condoms you’d be looking at a total cost of $3233.40 over a lifetime. However, because this is over the course of a lifetime you also need to take into account inflation. At a conservative rate of 2.33% per year, you’d end up spending over $10,000 on condoms over a lifetime."

The real problem with the cost of condoms is that you will need to buy them for a lifetime if you want to prevent pregnancy always with the option of getting it. A pack of 12 units can cost about 8$ on Amazon.

On the other hand, Vasectomy is a one-time process and there are almost no side effects or post-surgical issues. The cost of this surgery ranges above 1000$ and there is insurance coverage for these kinds of surgeries as insurance companies love people with vasectomies. But the real problem with the cost of vasectomy Aries with the fact that it is irreversible. A reverse vasectomy is a problematic process and can cost a huge sum of money. It also has risks of inflammation and outright failure of surgery.

Side effects and recovery

Side effects of Vasectomy and Man being stressed

Vasectomy has very rare accounts of bleeding and infection of the vas deferens and the tissues around it. Post-surgical pain might continue for a few days. In 3-4 days a man can start light work. In 7 days one can start his day-to-day work. If the pain continues for more than a few days you need to see a doctor.

Condoms can cause allergic reactions in men with latex allergies. There are other non-latex variants of condoms but they are not as reliable in both control products as the latex ones. As there are no invasive processes involved there is no question of recovery.


Whatever you want to do as a birth control measure will depend on the various factors and the reason for taking the measures. If you want a permanent contraceptive with the satisfaction of skin-to-skin intimacy you might consider vasectomy. But this is only effective if you are monogamous and your partner is tested clear of STIs. Otherwise, you will still need to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms are a very portable and dynamic method of birth control and it is the only one except female condoms which provide protection from STIs. This is especially useful for people who are not in a relationship or have multiple partners. So the choice of vasectomy vs. condoms depends on the specific needs of the user.

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Written By - Indraneil Mukherjee

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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