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Values which Men can learn from Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, non-arguably the biggest proponent of Non-Violence of the twentieth century and father of the Indian nation, was the epitome of peace and non-violence. When the world was engulfed in World War 1 and 2 , Gandhi preached peace. A barrister turned political activist, Gandhi took the Indian nation by storm through his non-violent methods of non-violence and Satyagraha. A man who looked physically fragile (due to his lean structure), and went around the world almost in a

dhoti (traditional Indian outfit), was to become the strongest force against the British empire, eventually leading them to grant India her independence in 1947. What was so unique about Mahatma Gandhi that engrave a God like projection in the hearts and minds of Indian people? Well, to answer this, here are a list of personality traits that men can learn from Mahatma Gandhi :

Compassion amongst chaos 

Mahatma Gandhi never drifted from his core ideology that was to oppose violence and even in the most turbulent times. Mahatma showered compassion on people from diverse backgrounds and caste, and united the people to fight a common enemy through non-violence. His way of revolution- was to try and change the souls of the enemy by going through suffering in oneself. His methods of compassion and humanity- made him a leader who was working for the collective good of humanity-in times where the world was witnessing chaos. Men should abide by his values of compassion and non -violence which will inevitably make the world a better place.

Will-Power like a Mountain 

Mahatma Gandhi may have preached non-violence but he was not soft or someone to be taken lightly to. He had a willpower that resembled that of a mountain and he stood against the British Empire – who used to popularly say,  “Sun never sets off on the British empire”, through his will.  He adhered himself to many fasts up to death, resilient movements which led the British to fear him. He abstained himself from any materialistic accomplishments and gave up his life- trying to awaken humanity. If men have even an iota of will power which Gandhi possessed , then they are headed in the right direction. 

Humility and grace

Mahatma connected with the masses- who worshiped him like a god. His words became actions- and brought a divided country under a unified goal. The reason Mahatma was so popular can be said to be his humility and grace. He looked like the masses, wore clothes like them, sat and walked with them, which led people to trust and worship him. He always brought the change required-first onto himself, raising the moral guard very high. Men should learn humility from Mahatma, who catered to millions in dire need of a leader.

Dedication and commitment 

Gandhi could have lived a life without any suffering and in a comfortable space, rather he poured himself into his country’s freedom struggle, facing many hardships. Gandhi was a Barrister who had a good source of income and a family life prior to his becoming a prominent national leader. He sacrificed all the luxuries of life and committed his life to his country’s freedom and betterment of humanity, He persistently worked for the good of people and was a social reformer. He lied for the people- and didn’t have any self Lisa interest for himself. Men can learn selfishness, and give back to the society from Mahatmas influential life.

Hate the evil inside the person and not the person

Mahatma always believed in reform and change. To him, no person was to be hated and only their evils be fought through non-violent means. People through their ideologies and fundamentalism often desist beliefs which are not accustomed to them, and are dogmatic towards each other. Mahatma only pointed out the bad in people and motivated reform through his teachings. Men can learn how to embrace and acknowledge others from Mahatmas teaching.


In a world filled with bigotry and ideological hatred, Mahatma Gandhi’s life and mission are ideal virtuous values which men ranging from all ethnicities should embrace. A man with no enemies is no lesser a Man and it is his humanitarian values which can help the world. Mahatma Gandhi’s life and mission should be idealized, which will inevitably promote the welfare of humanity. 

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