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Understanding Men’s Health – Five Biggest Mistakes

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Men are healthy and I am sure a man would like to agree that men are better than women in most aspects, but who are we kidding. I am a doctor with specialisation in Men’s Health and my studies and research say that men are the weaker sex. Men just look strong and their attitude may be dominating but when it comes to consistent performance, risk weighing and living in balance, women are far ahead than men. Studies across the globe show that there are 5 things where men go wrong.

Men don’t share their feelings

Men like to portray that they are strong and better and that's why they fear sharing the weak points. For most men their immediate human contact is co-workers and men don’t mess with their business. They cant share internal disturbances and concerns because they will be judged professionally for the same by other men. Their colleagues who are also usually men, won't know how to separate personal issues from the impact it may have on their businesses. Work keeps most men so busy that they loose out on sharing and spending time with real friends who wont judge them.

Men resort to Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has a huge impact on men. Substance abuse comes naturally because of lack of sharing their feelings with other. It also is natural to men because substance abuse lets them manage work pressure and stress or does it? Substance abuse has become a medium to connect with peers. Looking for a set of fools with similar interests can be severely damaging to search for company in.

Men take up all the high risks jobs

Kudos to all the “macho”ness that men would like to display they take up high risk professions like war, construction, driving, racing and anything else wilder. Searching for adventure, men fall prey to accidents and mortality. Women understand and choose what suits them and men are pushed to do the hard things.

Men rely too much on themselves

Do you know how many studies have pointed out that men are too self reliant? They don’t like to be in touch with healthcare for the fear of unknown and they also don’t want to get their measurements checked be it blood pressure, the body mass index or much more for that matter. Self reliance is good to a certain extent but not when it posses threat to life.

Men live in the Herculean Image

Genetics of men are inferior to women. Compared to two X chromosomes in women which back each other and protect them from disease, men have a small and practically useless Y chromosome which has only one job and that is to make you are a male. Even with this evident and widely known genetic deficit men still go by the looks and feel stronger as a gender. I don’t know why?

Well these are the five main pain points around which the health of men revolves. If we as a gender could learn to share more, care more and rely more on others we could do better. Hoping this ignites a change in how we perceive the problems and shortcomings of other men.

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