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Top Things You Can Do to Bond with Your Mates

Who are friends? And how do we make friends? How do we bond with our mates? There is no right answer to these questions. But from what we know, friendships like Joey and Chandler from “Friends“ are formed in a blink of an eye. And they become the most precious part’s of our lives. Life is hard without them.

To answer the difficult questions it is important to understand bromance surpasses romantic relationships. Lovers can never bond over things that two friends can. We are talking about the weirdest and the craziest stuff that bros can only share with other bros. Here are somethings that guys bond over:

Talking about Women

Endless conversations about women, men love engaging in banter about women. Just how women love talking about men, guys talk about girls they find cute, celebrity crushes, a harmless crush on a teacher or the pretty girl next door. However, Not to forget about all the talks about what women really want and failing miserably.

The Fun of Drinking

This is more frequent for men, and they bond instantly with someone they share a drink or two. It’s not like women don’t or cannot bond over drinks but men do it more often. Bonding over chai and sutta have a similar impact but a 100 times lesser than drinking.

Money – The Real Honey!

Money has always been of interest of me. From savings to investments men love to talk about how to double the amounts in their bank account. Similarly, stocks, mutual funds and most recently crypto currency are topics that buddies bond over.

The Love of Bikes and Cars

We cannot Deny the fact that women cannot bond over this, but men for sure do! The environment of a conversation changes as soon as one of their friends say “he is looking for a car to buy”. Men themselves don’t know this, but there is something about the shiny, cars and bikes that make them young again! They bond with their mates in an instant.

The Hardships of Life

Since we are a part of a patriarchal society it is only natural to stereotype men for having it easy. But the ground reality differs. Men carry alot of weights on their shouldersa nd are often poked by society to open aboput themselves. Instead, men like to confide their thoughts with fellow mates and they would relate to one another. Struggle is an underrated subject but bonding over it is true for almost every man.

Video Games

We cannot say about how many women would bond over video games. But men of any age, 16 or 38, get hooked on conversations about new games on the market and would never miss a chance to try them. It gives men an undying connection which cannot be found with romantic relationships. Friends getting together for games and chatting about them are the best kind of friends!

Dank Memes

It is hard not to bond with a person who makes you laugh everyday and almost all the time with there epic memes. It might be an unpopular opinion but in this era, memes are a perfect way to bond with your fellow mates.


What could bring two men closer apart than being c andid about their failures. More than we men like to share sucess, we love discussing about our miseries and hardships. Men talk about their deepest insecurities and find comfort in being real with their friends. This bond makes up for the misery of their lives and gives you some of the best friends in life.

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