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Top Gym Etiquettes every Man must follow

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

And like always another year has come knocking at our doorstep which automatically means going back to the gyms will be a priority resolution for many of us. In a recent advertisement we even saw a young man going to an empty gym before new year and the next day the same gym seems to be bustling with people. A mock of new year resolution, the advertisement is a mirror for many.

Indeed, the fresh beginnings come with loads of energy, enthusiasm and zeal to achieve designated targets. However, the same energy and passion can sometimes lead to certain mistakes that might disturb others and put you into an awkward situation where many of your gym buddies might not feel comfortable around you.

While starting any new practice we all can be a little enthusiastic about it. Although, we should understand that even though we have joined a gym for our own personal growth, it is also very important to understand that it is a public place and follows our societal rules of etiquettes and behavior.

There are some great learnings for the newbies as well as for the regular gym-goers, it is always good to revise some good etiquette to be followed in the gym to maintain a favorable environment for everyone.

Bringing the best for men, here are some etiquettes that will be great to follow once you are back in your gym:

Re-rack is a good habit

Well, we understand the undying enthusiasm to pick heavily weighted dumbbells, roads, weighted plates and other types of equipment. The heavier it is, the higher the spirit is to lift them. But putting them back in their places is also a must etiquette and should be a part of the workout routine. It demonstrates a responsible factor in you that ensures that others also find them feasible, easy and convenient for them. And if you use any gym equipment and leave them anywhere but not in their usual place, this can lead to time wastage for others who are going to use them after you. So think about other people as much as you think about yourself.

Make space for others

In a crowded gym, it is quite essential for everyone to be emphatic and supportive. When you are using any gym table, squat rack, machine or bench, it is quite important to be cooperative with others by sharing the same machine one by one. You must not occupy a machine for a long duration just to relax, click selfies, or make poses. You can do this later on but always be considerate about the person who is waiting in the queue. It creates a positive impression of yours in the mind of others.

Keep Hygiene levels High

Sweating is quite common during the workout especially during summers and humid seasons where the water excretion is more than usual. No one needs to be embarrassed about their sweating but rather should be careful about dropping sweat on machines, benches and rods after using them. Always clean the machine such as cycle, treadmill or any equipment such as rods and benches after using them. You can also use a milder deodorant to keep the body odor at bay. It leaves an important hygienic impression where nobody will run away from sharing space in the gym or shaking hands.

Be Quiet & Calm

Music has the magic of making everything around us feel great and easy to handle. Many of us have the tendency to put on our favorite tune and vibe to it while being in the gym. Many of us even have special tracks made for workout and well why not.

Music can help you feel happy and motivated to push yourself harder. But it doesn’t give you the right to sing your favorite melody in a louder tone, especially when you don’t have professional singing training. Wearing supreme quality earpods can make you not hear your own voice but don’t forget that everyone in the gym doesn’t carry the same habit of carrying headphones. Always respect the choices of others who like to be quiet and calm and understand that the gym is a public place and should be made approachable for all.

Don’t be extensively hyper

There are times when while doing an extremely difficult or heavy routine, one end up getting high on all the hormones and start screaming or sharing loudly their enthusiasm and zeal towards exercising.

Many times the same zeal and enthusiasm can be seen negatively because of loud screaming or extensively hyper activities. Throwing dumbbells, punching hard on walls, and shouting on the top of the voice can often disturb the environment of the gym holding you to the reason for the same. Keep your passion under check as there is a very thin line between being active and hyper. P.S. punching walls or harming any product of the gym will lead you in a controversy with your gym and even end up with consequences.

Know your surroundings

If you want to be everyone’s favorite man and be appreciated by others, then be considerate about others. During a hectic day, always check if somebody is already standing behind you and if it’s a passage area that is going to be used by people often before you start hitting the kick or throw the dumbbells, as it can lead to an injury to your gym mates. If you spot somebody new or not knowledgeable in the field of the gym as you are then ask if they want help in lifting weights, educate them about the right equipment or just pass them a gentle smile to make them comfortable. However, if it’s a female counterpart then be mindful before offering help and don’t stare at them constantly as it can be disturbing and offensive.

Bring Towel & Water Bottle

It is natural to get sweaty and thirsty in the gym especially during summers or monsoon which can lead to an extra excretion of water from the body. It is always suggested to bring your personal handy towel instead of dripping sweat on the floor or pulling a T-Shirt up to wipe it. If you are the one who feels thirsty quite a lot and like to keep yourself hydrated throughout the routine then it is better to bring your own bottle of water to carry with you besides creating a queue near the water tank. It also wastes your gym time if you have to go drink water again & again.

No Selfies

A gym is a place to work out and not a selfie zone. Young people are often seen capturing themselves with selfies just to update social media or to check if they can spot a change in their build. Well, keeping a check is a good practice but there are different and valid ways to do that. But keeping others waiting in the circuit area or changing area just to get that one shot is not a gentleman’s thing. Let people from within the gym and outside the gym compliment you on your new avatar and let them ask for a photograph with you.


Finally, to sum up, identify those mistakes that you tend to make, knowingly or unknowingly, and rectify them as making mistakes is not a bad thing but not working upon them is definitely a wrong practice.

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