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This new WhatsApp update makes life easier for iPhone users

When Rohit switched his iPhone to android, he lost all his chats. He thought he had backed them up on the iPhone but when he installed WhatsApp and tried to restore the backup, he just couldn’t. What went wrong? He had no clue.

For Rohit this was inevitable, as WhatsApp as an application still couldn’t encrypt messages on IOS. Putting an end to such situations where the user had to regret switching phones was necessary. Apple users just drowned in sorrow of losing important information and media. This incident ruined the reputation of the world’s most important application, WhatsApp. It is one of the most used applications for more than a decade now. But still, WhatsApp fell short of the features that would ease out the customers.

Yes, we are talking about the end-to-end encryption WhatsApp chat backups on IOS.

What has WhatsApp been doing about it?

Recently WhatsApp has been working on this feature for some time. The organisation has finally come up with it and has released this feature on the beta version on IOS. According to reports, end-to-end encryption for chat backup is specifically released for IOS beta testers for messenger and Business.

How can you try it?

If you are a beta tester, check if this update is available for your iPhone or it is not. Open WhatsApp Settings> Chats> Chat Backups> End-to-end Encrypted Backup. While activating this option make sure backup for WhatsApp is turned off from setting in your iPhone. If it isn’t, then chats are going to backup on your iPhone and wouldn’t be encrypted. To ensure, go to setting> your name> iCloud> Manage Storage> Backup> Disable WhatsApp. The end-to-end encryption backup protects your chats in more than one way. Not only encrypts your chats but adds a passcode to them too. This password is what will encrypt your future will need this password to decrypt your chats while restoring your backup. The password comprises lowercase letters between ‘a’ and ‘f’ and numeric digits. There is no way to restore backup if you forget this password. 

If you are not a beta-tester, it’s okay as this feature will soon start rolling out for all users worldwide after proper testing. Just wait and watch!

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