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Things every Man should do before turning 30

The age of 30 is the time when a boy turns into a complete man. A man needs to be responsible, self-sufficient, strong and mature with everything he has to deal with except for the few ounces of fun here and there. But it is also a time when many are not ready. With the sudden hit of roles of responsibilities, it can be quite overwhelming to deal with and cause a quarter-life crisis. Before turning 30, there are many things you can do to make the experience of reaching that age milestone way better than it sounds.

In your twenties, you feel motivated, fresh as a young man and ready to take on anything that comes your way, whether you’re ready for it. While that is a great attitude, it can also have its fair share of repercussions, especially if you do not plan out and cherish some things before turning 30.

Read on to know what you can do in your twenties, which you will thank yourself for before turning 30!

Clean and Organised living space

Before turning 30, you need to get a place of your own and set it up according to your preference. But that does not mean you turn it into a pigsty. A man needs to have a well-kept living space that is clean and well-organised. Your living space is, after all, the home you’ll be returning to after a long and hard day; best keep it clean and fresh so that you feel welcomed and happy once you open that door.

Check your regular finances

Your finances keep you going daily, from bills to buying essentials and keeping money aside for your personal stuff. Regularising your finances before turning 30 is a crucial habit to develop as it will help you to keep track of your expenses and never worry about whether you will be able to make it till the month.

Start a savings account

Speaking of regularising finances, keeping a daily track of your expenses also helps you to start saving and create a savings account. Before turning 30, having a savings account will help you achieve higher milestones, such as buying a vehicle for yourself, helping out your parents and also afford a luxurious vacation when needed. Building this habit in your early twenties is what a true responsible man should strive for to enter his thirties with ease and financial strength.


Travelling is an experience that you need to experience before turning 30. Travelling can be an immensely growing experience for a young man, especially if it’s solo travel, as it makes you meet new people, experience different cultures, know how people survive in different parts of the world and also discover the beautiful places earth has in store. Travelling is important before you reach 30 as it helps you to grow and have a different perspective of things, which makes you humble and more understanding to people around you, which helps you to grow strong mentally and be ready for your 30s.


In today’s fast-paced world, we hardly take the time to do anything else. We come back from our school, college or office and sit down to scroll through Instagram, Netflix or youtube. We never actually watch something most of the mind and mindlessly scroll. This habit must be replaced with a hobby that you are passionate about and look forward to every day. It is crucial to develop a hobby for yourself, and it can be anything as long as you can invest time in it and make you relax and cool down. A hobby before turning 30 will make you manage your time better and prevent you from wasting your time by uselessly scrolling.

Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself does not mean working hard in your job or studying sincerely in college. Taking the time to make yourself grow on a personal level by learning new things, increasing your knowledge, reading books or listening to podcasts is the best way to invest in yourself and your time. Before you hit 30, you must keep growing as much as possible because there is always a high chance of you becoming stagnant and losing the motivation to learn in your 30s. So learn it now not to make your 30’s a bad experience.

Get a new haircut

Set yourself a new image, and get a haircut you always had on your mind but never dared or got. Your 20s is the time you experiment which paves the way to who you become in your 30s. So get a brand new haircut that will give you a fresh look to enter your thirties in style.

Own a perfectly tailored suit

When you turn 30, you will require a lot of formal wear as you’ll be attending weddings and meeting most of the time cause at that age, your friends are getting married, or you are attending meetings at work. Invest in a properly tailored suit that accentuates your body and makes you look the best version of yourself. A good suit will make your 30s much easier, and you can attend your most important event with grace and style.

Learn how to Cook

Knowing how to cook is a crucial skill to learn before turning 30. This makes you self-sufficient and prevents you from eating anything junk or spending on outside food, which is generally more expensive than homemade food. Your diet when you hit 30 becomes important as that will affect the rest of your life ahead. Cooking also helps in your brain’s active working and makes you self-satisfied whenever a dish is well made.

The habit of healthy eating

Learning how to cook comes with eating proper and healthy meals. In your thirties, your metabolism does not function as properly as when you were younger. Your body’s procession of food becomes much slower because of which you will see a lot of men in their 30’s who had not developed a habit of eating healthy grow a big pot belly. Creating a healthy eating habit before you turn 30 is essential as it will keep you active, healthy, and in shape, making you feel confident and young.


The ’30s are an important time in a man’s life. It is when he is no longer a young man but becomes a contributing member of society. A time when his relationships are serious and his friend circle small. It is when he becomes a responsible adult and someone who knows to have fun from time to time. But these things may not be possible or may become overwhelming to handle if you do not do the things mentioned before turning 30. The sooner you develop these habits, the more secure and happy you will be in your thirties, which will help you to succeed in your professional life and have a healthy personal life.

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