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The Power of a Laptop in a Tablet, at Laptop Prices: The iPad Pro 2021 Review

The iPad Pro 2021 is a big leap for Apple’s best tablet experience, but is it one that you need? If we assume you are looking for a tablet that can do everything a PC/laptop can, it’s time to stop looking. The iPad Pro 2021 is the best tablet that money can buy.

The iPad Pro 2021 12.9-inch isn’t ideal for everybody. We say so because the device is incredibly expensive. Also, the overwhelmingly large display isn’t something everyone needs.

If you agree, there is another option you can go to. The 11-inch variant of the iPad Pro 2021 might just be the right fit for you. The cost of the 11-inch variant is slightly less than the 12.9 inch variant. Also the span of the screen is 11 inches for users who don’t want a big display. But don’t be fooled, both gadgets are identical in terms of specifications.

What’s New with the iPad Pro 2021

If you are uncomfortable with the large display and the price tags the iPad pro 2021 has a ton of features to offer. The new M1 chip on the tablet is the power-house, offers an excellent new display and showcases Apple’s creativity in simplicity.

The above mentioned are namely some highlights of features and specifications. Now, let us know in detail the proficiency of the tablet and how it is most likely your best companion.

The Design

The design of the iPad Pro 2021 does not vary a lot from the previous versions of the tablet. It is still a classy looking tablet with a sleek design. This layout is what makes the iPad pro a premium yet more durable version of it’s ancestors. The design is very attractive for a tablet and very functional simultaneously.

It is noteworthy that the new iPad Pro is big. It offers a 12.9 inch display which might be the choice of the masses. Some might prefer the 11-inch variant or the even smaller iPad mini. But if the huge design doesn’t bother you, the large screen is a huge benefit.

Further, the tablet is carved with an aluminium rear and frame. The screen comes with a scratch resistant coating making the device durable for the most part. But you might want to expand protection against knocks and scrapes and get a case for the iPad.

The device has 4 speakers- two on top and two at the bottom of the tablet. The bottom also has the thunderbolt USB-C port. The sides of the tablet are smooth with almost zero interruptions. The magnetic right side offers apple pencil recharging. The volume button lay on top of the right edge.

The iPad Pro comes with two standard choices of colors- Silver and Space Grey. These are the classiest from Apple. However, the limited color choice is a disappointment just when Apple was expanding its horizons. The new vibrant tones of the iMac would’ve added to the highlight of the iPad Pro.

The 12.9 inch variant measures 280.6X214.6X6.4mm which is unnoticeably thicker from the previous versions. The iPad Pro 2021 Wifi-only variants weighs 682 grams while the 5G-ready cellular version weighs 685 grams. The 2021 version is not very different looking but it has some key improvements is the internals and the screen.

The Display

Apple has bought out the big guns with the new display on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2021. The high-end display is a premium quality of the 12.9 inch variant. The screen on the 11-inch iPad Pro is nothing compared to the new Liquid Retina XDR display.

The 12.9 inch display is composed of mini-LED technology which offers a great viewing experience. The hightech screen offers crisps images and an arguably higher amount of brightness- upto 1600 nits which is mostly too high for regular use. The refresh rate of 120Hz gives you a flawless experience while gaming, scrolling through socials, and keeping up your speed while working excessively.

The resolution of the tablet measures 2048X2732 i.e 256 pixels per inch. These are impressive numbers and quite comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

The display gives you clear and brighter images of great quality. It’s just an excellent screen to stream movies and netflix. We find the display equally impressive for editing photos and videos which makes the tablet more attractive to content creators.

If quality is your #1 priority while buying a tablet, the iPad Pro 2021 12.9 inch won’t disappoint you even a little bit. It is one of the best screen experiences on an iPad and other tablets.

Specs and Performance

The performance on iPad Pro 2021 is what makes it come to life. The iPad delivers the best performance we have ever seen on a tablet. The performance on this slate is a step-ahead of what we have seen on previous iPads and Android tablets.

The M1 Chipset

Apple has introduced the latest self-designed M1 chipset on the tablet. The M1 chipset was released with high-end mac products in 2020.

In case you are a regular iPad user, you will experience a slight surge of power for daily apps and tasks. However, if you are someone who uses the iPad for running heavy softwares, the M1 chipset takes the performance to almost twice of what was on the previous iPads. In such cases, you are someone who will appreciate the M1 Upgrade more than someone who uses the iPad to stream netflix.

Taking a look at the statistics by Geekbench 5, the average multi-core score is 7279. The best android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 scored 2846. This is a huge difference.

Although the difference is not too big when we talk about the Geekbench scores from previous iPads, the upgrade is still remarkable. The iPad Pro 2020 scored around 4700 which is almost half of this year’s scores. The difference is noticeable when you are running intensive software.


The storage on the iPad Pro 2021 is the most on a tablet ever. You can start by opting between the 8GB and 16GB RAM models. The storage varies from 128GB to 2TB with the 1TB and 2TB variants come with 16GB RAM. The 128GB, 256GB and 512GB run on 8GB RAM.

We are reviewing the 16GB RAM and 1TB variant of the iPad which offers a very high storage capacity even for intense tasks.

The 2GB storage is too much for daily tasks but is preferable if you want to fill up your tablets with videos, audios and files that consume a lot of space. There is no external microSD support, which is something to be aware of before buying. The 128GB falls short if you fill up a lot of apps and media.


The new iPad comes with a 5G connectivity variant on both the 12.9 inch and 11-inch models. You will be paying a little extra for the non-stop superfast internet experience. During our time with the device, we found the 5G connectivity to be working well.

As mentioned earlier, there is a USB-C slot on the lower edge of the iPad. According to apple the thunderbolt connectivity will increase the speed by almost 4X, opening a door to a whole range of high performance devices.


The 12MP rear camera is not the most stunning thing on the new iPad Pro but it is good for conducting regular tasks. We find the rear camera very useful with multiple apps.

There is also a 10MP ultrawide camera for when you need the perfect shot. Also the depth sensing ability of the time of flight sensor makes it perfect for portrait mode.

There is a front 12MP camera that is featured on the bezel of the device. This proves to be a little annoying during landscape mode as the camera is no longer in the center of the screen.

Apple has come up with a new software upgrade called the center stage. This uses the camera to follow you around the room, always keeping you in the center of the frame. This technology has been previously witnessed on amazon devices and works well with the iPad Pro too.

The “center stage” feature crops the video to ensure you have the center stage. It makes video calling more comfortable. Now you don’t have to look at the screen to see if you are still in the frame.

Accessorize Right

The iPad Pro 2021 comes with tons of accessories but the most versatile ones are the apple pencil and the new magic keyboard.

If you have the magic keyboard designed for the 2020 version of the iPad, it should work just fine. Although the new iPad is slightly thicker than last year’s and the case might not be able to close up properly on the iPad. If you are looking for the smoothest experience, we recommend going for the new magic keyboard.

The magic keyboard is a hinch smaller than that of a laptop’s. It gives you the feel of using a laptop. Also, the iPadOS isn’t fully integrated like the macbook but is a good alternative to it.

The magic keyboard isn’t cheap and will add more than a couple of bucks to your budget. But it is a worthwhile purchase. The magic keyboard is worth $349.

The Apple pencil 2 is also compatible with this tablet. The Apple pencil 2 supports wireless charging and goes great with the iPad Pro. It will also add a couple hundred bucks to your budget. The apple pencil 2 costs $129.

Battery life

There is no possible way to determine the exact size of the battery inside the iPad Pro 2021 but our tests give us good results. It is rumored that the battery on the 2020 version of the tablet is likely higher but there is no certain way to know.

Also, our test revealed that the iPad is capable of lasting 10 hours as claimed by apple. We performed various tasks like web browsing, gaming, and bouncing from one app to the other. We also tinkered brightness levels during our tests and found that the battery drains faster with high or maximum brightness.

Unlike the iPhone 12 and 13 series, you get a charger with the iPad Pro 2021. We still don’t understand why Apple won’t give chargers with the iPhones.

The 18W charging isn’t very remarkable on the tablet and it takes a little longer to charge than some high end android tablets. The charging is noticeably slower than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus which supports 45W. The tablet took 2 hours and 45 minutes to go from 0 to 100 with the charger in the box.

If you want the iPad to run for a complete day of work and some more, the iPad Pro 12-inch will work just fine. But if you are looking for working long hours with high power consuming applications, the battery will drown quickly.

Should I buy the iPad Pro 2021?

We would recommend you to buy the new iPad if you are looking for the ultimate tablet experience. The performance and power of the device rivals with macs. This makes it the best tablet ever made. Also the new screen on the iPad Pro 2021 is a worthy upgrade. It will add much more to your tablet experience with brighter and sharper colors. The iPad Pro series has been marketed as the replacement for laptops for years now and this is the closest Apple has come to doing it. The tablet holds as much power as the Macbook and once integrated completely, the iPadOS will only enhance on the base. If you are looking for a standard tablet at affordable prices, the iPad Pro 2021 might not be the one for you.

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