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The Luxury iPhone 13 Pro Max cost more than the Jeep Compass

“The recently launched iPhone 13 is a bust”, that is what netizens have to say about apple’s recent flagship. And yes, when you first look at it, you might not notice a lot of difference. You re-evaluate your judgement, once you are hands on with this phone. This happens when you notice the work put in the new finish and the overall design of all variants – the regular, the mini and the pro. The iPhone 13 and 13 mini were launched with the new salmon pink finish and the pro models were rebranded with the sierra blue finish. Besides new colours, a smaller notch, large battery life, and pro cameras add to distinguished features of this flagship. In case, the regular iPhone doesn’t give the blitz, the new Luxury iPhone will definitely catch your eyes.

The Luxury iPhone by Caviar

Caviar, a luxury phone customiser has launched the gold and diamond studded iPhone 13 series. Though the retail range begins at $5000, the critics are looking forward to the pure gold iPhone 13 fashioned by Caviar. The makers of this exquisite piece of art have traced inspiration from Rolex watches too.

The body of the iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max are carved out of 18k solid gold. According to caviar, the entirety is covered with exquisite artistic carvings. The baroque decorations happen to tone up the luxurious appearance of the phone.

The product descriptions of the customised iPhone series bid the iPhone 13 pro gold at 42,390 which is 31 lacks approximately.If you are wondering, that cost more than a Jeep Compass. Excelling ahead is the iPhone 13 pro max which starts at 47,010 which is 34.6 lacks. The storage options available on the ridiculously luxurious variants would be 128 GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

The regular iPhone 13 pro series upholds the title of the most powerful series in the world. The official apple website marks the starting of the 13 pro series at 1,19,900. The gold-studded 13 pro series stand high in the global market currently. These pieces are the most expensive ones around the world.

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