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The Invisible Burden of things

Clutter around us creates a clutter in our minds. It seems like everything that is in the same space as us has an impact on our psyche and our being.

We do not realise the burden that physical things have. We do not realise the cost that we pay for keeping them stuck to us. Things hang in our head. They not only occupy physical spaces in our homes but also in our life and out mind.

For the sake of money we sometimes keep things that we don’t want, in the hope that they will subsequently be useful to us. We forget that these things are going to stay in our mind without paying any rent and in the end we are going to lose money. This is not just true for physical things only but also for relationships acquaintances and tasks that we hoard in our mind space.

To work free, to break free and to give our best we need to free ourselves from these unknown burdens, from these unseen occupants and from our so called beliefs. There is so much that we do not know about our psyche and there is so much that we are exploring that there is a huge possibility of us believing so far what is wrong.

The practical aspect of these words above is that you need to de-clutter. You need to declare to not just from excess of what you have, but also useless things, thoughts, people, passwords, devices and so much more.

The best way to do this is to pack everything aside and then take them out only when you really need them. Give yourself a chance to know what you really need, and which burdens to really carry. What ever you have physically or mentally definitely needs maintenance and to maintain then you need to give them a fraction of your mind space.

The endeavour of this small article is to make you realise that nothing you have is there with you for free. There is a constant charge which you are paying without your knowledge without your conscious effort that is going to reduce your productivity and your liberty in the long run.

Set your space free and you will set your mind free for the higher potentials that you are meant to achieve.

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