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The First Electric Supercar of India is here

Audi India engraved their names in gold on the pellets of history when they launched the all-electric e-torn GT and RS e-torn GT. The first electric supercar of India. This raises the total count of EV in Audi India’s profile to four. The recently released grand tourers are aligned with Audi’s already e-tron and e-tron sportback variants.

Audi’s Electric Supercar- Mind boggling specs

Both cars constitute a 93kWh battery that powers the electric motor, present at each axle. However, the power surge differs by a fair margin, with the RS GT’s accumulative output of 646 hp with ‘boost’ and 598 hp output regularly. Whereas, the GT holds a total power output of 530 hp with “boost” mode and 475 hp regularly. This power margin unquestionably affects torque levels, the 630 Nm on the GT and 840Nm on the RS GT. Fly by from 0 to 100 in just 3.3 seconds. 

Other staple performance features can be observed in both EVs. Exteriorly, the tungsten – carbide brakes, an active rear spoiler and an adaptive air suspension are some among other attractive characteristics.

On the interior, the 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster and the 10.1 inch touch screen entertainment system embedded in both the GT and RS GT add to the style of these super cars. The e-tron transcends with a two-speed transmission. The first is short-ratio, handy in a quick burst of acceleration, while the second one excels in long-range speeds. 

AC charging of 22Kw takes upto 9 hours to recharge and DC of 270Kw can top-up the current by 80%. The WLTP charging cycle allows a range of 500 kms to the GT and 481km to the RS GT. All electric Audi’s purchased in 2021 hold a complimentary 21 kW wall box charger accompanied by the standard 11Kw charger. Anyhow, a free charger isn’t likely a driving sales factor for the First Electric Supercar of India.

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