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The Best Sex Tips for Men

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

You can just never get enough of sex! Whether we talk about the foreplay, the dark fantasies or roleplaying, it all leads to a fiery time in bed. And if you and your partner have the right understanding, getting intimate with them would never be a problem, whether it is at their place or at a public place (just kidding)! However, you there’s always a room for improvement, so here are a few sex tips for you, men.

Good sex is like good food! Who would say no to it? But nobody is born with the charm and we all learn things throughout our lives! Intimacy is all about pleasurable times and deep connections. To have a good time in bed for both you and your partner, you should always keep a few tricks and sex tips up your sleeves that enchants them forever.

Many men believe that sex is all about stamina but that’s where you are mistaken my friend. You can have a good time even in the shortest duration. Whether you lean towards the casual side of a relationship or in a committed relationship, bringing newness in bed is always appreciated. To help you out in this we have a few tips to share:

Indulge in Foreplay

We are sure that most men go for foreplay before they start the real deal, however, we have come across many who do not consider foreplay essential. If you are one of them, you are making a huge blunder! Foreplay is not just the beginning of the sexual activity, it is also a necessity. It is an emotion that seduces your partner and portrays what you want from them without even asking for it. A little tip from us: spend a little extra time in foreplay rather than rushing through it!

Make Eye Contact

Most of the time sexual activity is all about getting into the right positions and giving each other pleasure. However, let us take it to another level, shall we? Make eye contact! Yes, those constant stares during intense moments is one of the best ways to make sure you let your partner know how much they mean to you. You might as well wink at them too, exciting them more while you are at it.

Masturbate Together

While most of the time men lock up their rooms to make sure that they have their privacy before they start their self love session, we would recommend you to do it with your partner. Sex is not just about finding pleasure in each other. Masturbating along with your partner is a great option if you want to try something new. Apart from that, you can also pick cues about the soft points of your partner and impress them later.

Lube it On

Even though you are using a condom with a lubricant, it does not mean that you cannot add on some extra lube. After all, more the lube, more the fun! The fact is that lubrication increases the comfort as well as the speed during sex. Moreover, the fragrance of lube can also create more excitement for your partner.

No Distractions

Perhaps the football game is on and you are dying to check the score. Or your phone is ringing with work mails. Getting busy with those bits becomes a huge turn off for your partner. These distractions need to be kept at bay, to make sure that you and your partner have a great time. We would recommend you to keep your phone outside the bedroom with your TV switched off and have a good time.

Give Oral Sex a Chance

Men must give oral sex a chance. Experiment during the oral sex and openly ask your partner to guide you. Their pleasure would be a win-win situation for both of you.


Sex does not involve any technicality. It is all about fun and pleasure along with safe practices. It is about mutual satisfaction and open talks that bring satisfaction to both you and your partner. The above given sex tips can help you a lot if you apply them (especially the lube) during sex. Moreover, always make sure that you use a condom while having sex. Practicing safe sex is always important so that you do not get in touch with STIs and STDs. Good Luck!

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