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The Best Fashion Influencers a Man Should Follow

Fashion in today’s era keeps on changing with diverse trends emerging as well as unique styles. While 2021 was all about minimalism with sweater vests, lug sole boots, clogs as well as loose denims, 2022 welcomed a new set of fashion trends full of bold prints and pop of bright colours ruling the streets as well as the runways.

The truth is that fashion is diverse and what is trending today might not make a style statement tomorrow. And that is why men need fashion influencers to make sure that they have an idea about what is trending when it comes to fashion.

There are tons of fashion influencers on Instagram to follow to make sure that you are making a fashion statement every time you step out of the house. However, you need to make sure that you follow those fashion influencers who are able to exhibit the changing fashion trends as the time passes.

If you are unable to find such fashion influencers, we certainly have a list of them who will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and make a style statement in no time. Have a look below at some of the top fashion influencers of India who have made it big with their styling, whether it comes to traditional Indian menswear or a graphic tee with chinos.

Suunny Pandey (@suunnypandey)

Known for his gorgeous hair, Suunny Pandey is one fashion influencer who enjoys life as it comes. Whether he is wearing a bathrobe or a random tee, he can certainly give you fashion goals to work on. From black sweatshirts to printed shirts, he is acing every look that a man can try out.

With colourful crossbody bags for travel purposes as well as popping out tees, he includes different types of styles in his wardrobe. He does quite well with monochromatic fashion whether he chooses pink or blue and looks adorable in white shirts and jeans. Apart from that, printed trousers suit him with tie and dye tees. While he aces his look in traditional kurtas, he certainly makes a fashion statement in his suits.

If you are looking forward to going monochromatic or prefer to make a style statement with tie and dye, Suunny Pandey is the fashion influencer for you to follow.

Harshit Arora (@harshitarora23)

Fashion influencer Harshit Arora has been acing the traditional Indian menswear, especially at his wedding, whether it was his sherwani or a kurta pyjama with a sleeveless jacket. Loose shirts and trousers have been his style with puffer jackets adding that extra touch of style.

While sweatshirts certainly suit him, his smart casual shirts definitely make a style statement. He loves to experiment with men’s trousers, especially when it comes to jeans. Apart from that, he has not shied away from showcasing his footwear such as his boots and sneakers. He has a love for ties as well as bow ties too and looks unique in suits.

If you are looking forward to a friend’s wedding or your own, Harshit Arora is the right person to take styling guidance for your traditional Indian menswear.

Aman Pal (@amanpal3)

Aman Pal is a fashion influencer who has taken trends quite seriously and has not been shy from portraying his feminine side on social media at all. Known for exhibiting beautiful bold prints, he is able to make a style statement in black and white as well.

He has been able to trend in puffer jackets as well as traditional Indian wear such as lehengas and kurta pyjamas, while not shying away from gowns and dresses. Turtlenecks and dinner jackets are a natural for him while he aces in casual shirts.

Planning on filling in your closet with prints? You will certainly have to follow Aman Pal to style yourself perfectly.

Sanket Mehta (@sankett25)

Sanket Mehta is one fashion influencer who has set himself apart by trying out every style that he could. He is someone who has styled his dad’s suit in the perfect way. Along with that, he certainly has a special love for jackets as well as hats and aces the look. Loose tees as well as loose trousers suit him a lot so he has been experimenting with them as well.

He has a huge collection of men’s footwear which he loves to showcase on social media. Apart from that, he is not scared of playing with colours when it comes to trousers. With puffer jackets and cross body bags completing his looks, his traditional Indian wear as well as denims certainly make a fashion statement. He has also been able to exhibit the ways of styling graphic tees on social media.

If you are planning on trying out your father’s old suit as well, you certainly need to check out Sanket Mehta and follow his styling tips as well.

Nikhil Kandhari (@iamnkhl)

Fashion influencer Nikhil Kandhari has been quite up to date when it comes to casuals as well as smart casuals with graphic tees as well as casual shirts. His light coloured shirts as well as bold prints will make you run for your money. However, his style of suits make him look equally fashionable as well as make a great style statement.

He has been experimenting with hats as well as denim shorts which have been trending currently and his love for beach wear can be easily seen on his Instagram profile. While his collection of sweatshirts and hoodies can certainly give a man fashion goals, he is not scared of showcasing his feminine side as well. Along with that, he certainly makes a style statement in traditional Indian menswear such as kurta pyjama as well as sherwani.

Want to style yourself in smart casuals? Nikhil Kandhari is the man for you to follow.

Varun Kaushal (@varun.kaushal)

Varun Kaushal, is one man who knows how to wear black well and make a fashion statement. With black monochrome, black jackets, black trousers as well as black graphic tees, he has made sure he is able to showcase black in a stylish manner. However, he has a love for other popping colours as well.

His printed casual shirts as well as trousers are to die for and his collection of graphic tees are certainly inspiring for all those men who want to follow the latest trends. His dapper puffer jackets have been trending quite a lot these days and his collection of men’s footwear cannot be ignored. While his collection of jeans and denim jackets have been showcased a lot on his Instagram profile, he looks equally good in white casual shirts.

If you are a man who has preferred black since day one, then Varun Kaushal is the perfect styling guru for you.

Usaamah Siddiqui (@usaamahsiddiqui)

Usaamah Siddiqui, a fashion stylist as well as a fashion influencer has been very comfortable in showcasing different types of looks, whether it comes to casual vests and cargo pants or bold prints and denim jackets. He does not restrain from adding a dinner jacket with a pair of jeans and looks gorgeous in leopard print as well.

White traditional Indian menswear suits him, polos and shorts look good too. Apart from that, he looks classy in suits and sweatshirts. Casual shirts are perhaps made for him and his collection of graphic tees are quite stylish. He is one fashionista who stands out quite well in a cross body bag and makes sure that he is able to make a style statement with every look.

If you want to portray a new look every time you step out of the house, Usaamah Siddiqui is the man you need to follow for fashion tips.


Fashion trends may come and go but these fashion influencers will always be trending with every look they go for. Whether they choose to go for a bright, popping colour, a bold print, or a monochromatic colour, they make sure that they are able to look their best. If you want to follow the current fashion trends and look your best whenever you step out of the house, these are the fashion influencers whom you need to follow right now.

These fashion influencers do not take time to change their wardrobe as soon as the current fashion trend starts changing. Whether it is a business suit or a graphic tee and jeans, they know how to style it with the right amount of accessories that are required.

While you are styling yourself make sure that you are ready to get out of your comfort zone as the fashion trends of 2022 are quite brash, brave and all about maximalism. It is time to forget about those minimal fashion trends of 2021, however, you can pair them up with those casual printed shirts or bright and popping out colours.

Loose attire is in right now and trending in fashion currently, along with heavy chains that you can pair up with your graphic tees. Apart from that, flared trousers and jeans are trending in fashion as well. And when we are talking about the latest fashion trends, how can we forget about varsity jackets that are back from the 90s.

On the other hand, while talking about casuals, one must not forget about polos that are perfect for a date or a social gathering. Along with that, shirts with strong collars are trending in fashion that are prominent when you showcase them once you get out of the house. Vests and thermals have also been trending in the year of 2022 which can be paired up with a tee and you are good to go.

When you are styling yourself, whether you are choosing a business suit or something casual like a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt, don’t forget to add a few accessories to it. You can opt for a pair of tinted sunglasses along with a ring if you like to wear jewellery. However, make sure that you do not load up with too many accessories and seem too loud or gaudy.

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