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The 10 best Grooming tips for Older Men

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to show it. With a good grooming routine, you can look younger than you actually are and feel more confident and younger, too. The older men get, the more they start to neglect their own bodies and stop taking care of themselves. But that shouldn’t be the case. In case you look older than you appear to be, Sheldon Pereira is here to give you a few tips you can incorporate into your daily grooming routine to protect your skin and reduce the ageing look. So that you too will receive compliments like “You look so much younger than you are”

1. Wash your face and moisturise daily

Unexpectedly, many older guys don’t even wipe their faces or have a daily skin care routine beyond a brief shower rinse. So, just a warning: even if your face is wrinkled, dry as sandpaper, and covered in age spots, using a cleanser or bar soap in the shower and a moisturiser when you get out is enough to get you a younger-looking appearance quickly. There is no need for a more elaborate routine. A dual-purpose day and night lotion or cream with one or two good-for-you components like hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and aloe should be your only options. Avoid products containing scents. If you prefer bar soap, be sure it has a hydrating formula rather than one made for oily skin or body soap that deodorises. Lather gently, rinse thoroughly, and pat yourself dry.

2. Include a facial scrub once a week

Consider the scrub as a vacuum. Male mature skin, which is thicker than female mature skin and requires weekly exfoliation despite regular cleaning, Yes, it’s another product and process, but with time, cell turnover slows down. At that point, surface-level, unseen dead cells clog pores on the nose and give your skin a harsh, gritty, dry texture. You’ll also receive a closer shave and a glow from just getting out of the gym. Yes, the weekly buffing to remove debris, filth, and oil is also beneficial for those who enjoy stubble and beards.

3. Use cream for your eyes

Your eyes say a lot about you. Dark circles and under-eye puffiness are likely to make you look tired. Genetics, restless nights, excessive screen time, salt, or alcohol are a few potential causes. Due to the thinner and drier skin around the eyes, signs of exhaustion, poor diet, and stress first appear there. Begin applying a cream each day. Simply tap, not rub, a small quantity (about the size of a grain of rice) under each eye in the shape of a crescent. Don’t apply makeup too closely to the lash line. Since cold temperatures promote faster puffiness reduction, keep your eye treatments in the refrigerator.

4. Use sunscreen religiously

Sunscreen is an important part of self grooming. Make sure you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, rain or shine, if you want to avoid brown patches and skin cancer. You need sunscreen when driving or working in front of a window since UV radiation can pass through clouds, rain, and even glass. Choose a non-greasy daily SPF 30+ to avoid worrying about build-up or residue during the day. Apply to your hands as well as your neck, if it is exposed.

5. Use scented soap and deodorant

Even when everyone is donning a mask, having a somewhat ripe smell won’t win over the crowd. While unscented deodorants and body washes are always acceptable, choosing a slight aroma might be beneficial to both you and those around you.

6. Moisturize from head to toe

Moisturising your body is an unspoken rule in terms of grooming. Men have the same dry, itchy feeling and irritating white flakes inside their dark t-shirts and slacks. The distinction is that we take action. Apply a moisturiser as soon as you towel off from a shower or bath, since moisture sticks and absorbs easier on warm, damp skin. Almond oil, shea and cocoa butter, and other hydrating elements will give you a wonderful feeling, but the actual secret is to use any lotion as soon as possible to seal in that moisture. Pick a pump bottle for quick administration, simple control, and no justifications.

7. Apply lip balm

Instead of waiting for dry, chapped, and cracked lips to appear, apply a nourishing lip balm enriched with shea butter or essential oils after every brushing. Always keep a lip balm around in your desk or car, your jacket or jeans pocket, and by your bed.

8. Frequently groom your hands and feet

You probably trim your nails, but it’s also important to keep your hands and feet clean and moisturized. First off, having dirt and crud under the nails is bad for hygiene and looks terrible. Use a nailbrush frequently and keep one nearby. Continuous hand washing and sanitizer use are now a daily necessity as a result of COVID. Applying a cream will make up for the frequency and the associated dryness. Similarly, for your feet: Apply a soothing ointment to calluses and rough, cracked heels.

9. Maintain your beard

Don’t just let it develop. Make sure your beard or stubble is well-groomed to avoid giving off a caveman vibe. Scruff has become the new norm. Even men who used to regularly shave every day are now going one to three days without using a razor. Choose a suitable length and density, and maintain neat and tidy face and necklines to give yourself a defined contour. Keep your neck trimmed; beards are only for faces. Use a styling product to keep the skin behind the hairs moist and attractive. The beard grooming product is placed on top of whatever moisturiser you have already used.

10. Make the most of your hair

Your hair should be quick and simple to style every day. It’s time to get real if you constantly wear a baseball cap or pull your hair into a comb-over to cover a bald spot. A short cut provides thinning hair a modern look, reduces maintenance, and boosts your confidence. Revisit your offerings: Rather than skipping conditioner, opt for a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner to reduce steps and reap all of the benefits. Just remember to avoid using body wash or soap on it because it is very drying an can in turn damage your hair.


Make sure you consider these grooming tips to nourish you and your skin and make you feel healthier and younger. Use a lip balm, protect your hair, tidy up your beard, and moisturize. Make sure to take care of your body enough to not age in horrendous ways. 50 isn’t as old as some might think but only if you take care of yourself enough. You’re still young compared to a 100. So, you should feel that way.

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