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Why Older Men Prefer Polo T-shirts More?

There are various t-shirts available, each with its distinctiveness, colour, style, pattern, and other features. Although there are variations in necklines, Polo t-shirts are the ones that will never go out of style. It has been available for a while and is much favored.

You must have developed the idea that polo shirts are only appropriate for older people after seeing so many elderly individuals wearing them. Together, let's debunk this myth.

Although younger generations are also choosing polo shirts, older men tend to favor them more frequently. Every man's wardrobe must have these shirts. Let's find out why polo shirts are so appealing to elderly men. We will also look at reasons to have polo t-shirts in your wardrobe.

Reasons for having a polo shirt in your wardrobe

  • Flexible and Stylish: They are flexible, sloppy, and stylish. These shirts are timeless classics that have been a wardrobe need for a very long time. They gave a classic look and that's a preferred look of most of the older men.

  • Ideal for Multiple purposes: The ideal option for both casual and formal offerings is these shirts. Additionally, they can be dressed up to be semi-formal.

  • Quality is soft: Soft, breathable materials like cotton and polyester are used to make polo shirts. Older men are likely to consider it as a better option because they have comfort as their first preference

  • Contain Collar and Buttons: They are created with a collar and button fissure, giving males a more upscale appearance.

  • Easy to Handle: They are simple to handle and perfect for layering. It won't be difficult to take care of them if you just wash them in the laundry and then dry them.

These were a few justifications for keeping a polo shirt in your wardrobe, but you are free to keep one or more as there are so many choices.

Many people dislike wearing crewneck t-shirts because they find them unpleasant. So, rather than choosing an uncomfortable outfit, they choose polo shirts.

Polo shirts are excellent for the summer and fall, but they also go well with layering in the winter.

You must style your polo shirt to suit your personal preferences if you want to wear one. A few methods to wear a polo shirt that fit your personality are listed below.

Ways to style a Polo T-shirt

  • Pair this shirt with chinos or tailored pants, a blazer, and formal shoes for a more formal appearance. It would be ideal to use this combo for official purposes.

  • It might also be worn by matching it with jeans and sneakers. a relaxed approach to joining friend or family gatherings.

  • During the summer, polo T-shirts go well with shorts because wearing pants on a hot day becomes intolerable.

  • In the colder months, a coat gives a collared t-shirt a stylish and warm aspect.

If you wish, then you can style it with your preferences. You can opt for solid colors for a vintage look or can go for subtle pattern choices for a modern look. Let's look at the different types of polo shirts available on the market.

Varieties of polo T-shirts

Pique Polos

It is durable cotton knitted fabric which is covered with a minimal textured pattern. The cross-tuck knit construction establishes a natural effect with a unique texture.

Pima cotton Polos

It is an extra-long staple cotton with exceptional properties. This makes it softer, stronger and well-ventilated. It provides the best comfort during the hottest climatic days.

Short Sleeves

These are generally known as Golf polos, made especially to be suitable for players. They are also suitable for warmer spring days etc.

Wool Polos

These are usually made for the winter season have long sleeves and are warmer for the season. Wool provides heat and keeps the body warm and yet provides a stylish look.


This above-mentioned content was a description of why older men have a fetish for Polo T-shirts. Its cons must have given you a broader vision to have this in your closet and also that polo shirts are not only for senior people but adults too.

Written By - Khushi Bhardwaj

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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