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Tête-à-tête with bodacious Delhi-based rapper Milind Gaba

Delhi boy Millind Gaba credits his morning workouts with keeping the ball rolling till late at night. BFH’s consulting editor Sourendra Das met Millind at Marriott to chew the fat about his journey, fitness regime and life’s aspirations. 

You have enthralled the audience exceedingly; what’s your fitness regime?

I love to workout in the morning, and when I am busy with music performances like the past all-India eight-city tour, I ensure to eat healthily and exercise daily to keep myself highly productive during my performance. I love to cook and am an ardent food connoisseur as I feel – a good diet is essential alongside daily workouts. I start my day with 40-50 pushups and muscle training – it keeps the ball rolling continually. I give myself an hour daily to indulge in me-time, wherein I am with my dumbbells. If a man gives priority to his body, his mind and heart will lead to vast enrichment.

You are a heartthrob amongst your fans; what are your innate aspirations?

I am a singer and performer; I started with rap and recently did a few playback songs in Bollywood too. I always believe in working hard and keeping my audience happy; hence I keep experimenting with different genres of songs. Most of all, I am blessed with such great audiences not only in Delhi and Mumbai but all over the country. They listen to my songs, keep me in their hearts, and I try to spread love. I never think too much about awards; I want to see happy faces wherever I travel and perform. I just finished an eight-city tour, and I was amazed by the love I received. 

What grooming, fitness & style tips would you like to give Indian men?

One of my songs is dedicated to fitness enthusiasts, wherein I divulge the basic gym etiquettes for men in a jovial and gleeful manner. I feel every man should take care of their body by going to the gym, which augments their physical and mental health. A little skincare and haircare would go a long way for Indian men to stay abreast with global trends. Black is my favourite colour, so I wear a black monotone that goes aptly with any hairstyle and cool shades for all seasons and all events. And trimming your beard on a weekly basis is necessary to stay afresh too.

Do you feel that music helps man to de-stress and reinvigorate himself?

Music heals everything and instantly uplifts anyone’s mood after a long day’s stress. I am very different from the image you see of me, I listen to old songs of Mohammad Rafi sahab, and it transports me to a different world. Good music can be a way to unite the world and spread the solemnity of universal comradeship and brotherhood. In today’s world of social media, one can unbosom that music is at the fingertips of everyone and one has access to art and music like never before in modern times. Lastly, an attitude of gratitude helps a man to be always successful. 

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