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Styling tips for a patchy beard

A patchy beard can make a man feel like a wuss and unconfident. For the most part, it is not the best-looking beard and neither does it look like a beard for the most part. But it is not all that bad if you know how to properly groom and style it.

The patchy beard, unfortunately, is not something that can be controlled due to it being genetically dependent, but with the help of these styling tips, your beard would look much better and well managed for the future. Let us look at how it’s possible!

Shaping it

Shaping your beard and trimming it properly can make a huge difference. The patchiness will be less visible and will make your beard look a lot more fuller and well-maintained. Shaving off the neckline and any hair on your cheeks will make you look sharper and your beard better.

Letting it grow for more than a month

A longer alternative is to make your beard grow to its full potential length, which will be roughly more than a month. Letting your patchy beard grow will cover up the patchiness eventually. You can then shape it cleanly, which will definitely make your beard look fuller.

Using an eye liner

An uncommon but effective hack is to use an eye liner. Drawing an outline along the cheeks of your beard and smudging it evenly will cover up the patches and make your beard look more uniform and darker. Be careful not to use too much of it, as then it will become prominent. This will in turn make your beard look fake, so I recommend that you first test it with a mirror to see how much you would need to apply according to your patchy beard and rub it evenly around.

Adapting to a different beard style

Having a patchy beard must not be the worst thing that can happen to you. You can adapt it to other beard styles such as the goatee, beardstache or even a van dyke style. This will not only make you look more stylish, but also have a psychological impact. It will make you accept your patchiness and adapt to it with a different style and length.

Combing it

Make sure to invest in a horseshoe beard brush. Regular combing with the help of a beard brush will push your hair to grow down and cover up the patchy areas. This is a long-term investment, but worthwhile and sure to garner results that are permanent. Most patchy beard solutions are fixed with the help of combing, and it will also help you to style your beard accordingly to make it look neat and clean.


A patchy beard is a bane for most modern men. With most facial styles adapting to a fuller beard in recent years, a patchy beard can prove to be quite a pain if not fixed. Although there are solutions such as hair transplants, taking biotin supplements, or eating a biotin-rich diet. They are eventually for the long term. But if you are looking for quick fixes and styling tips, then make sure to follow this list for the best results. This will fix your patchy beard and give you the confidence to grow a better and handsome beard!

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