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Step Into Style: A Men's Boot Encyclopedia

Boots are the manliest accessories available for men. Depending on your preferences, there are various types of boots for men to choose from, which can be a herculean task. From formal fashion wear to trekking use or perhaps to save your feet from the cold snow in winters, there is a boot for all purposes.

Boots come in all shapes and sizes. Many men might be under the impression that boots are more casual or functional wear than a fashion statement. Yes, they are generally preferred for their usability rather than fashion, but recent fashion trends show a change in the same. Continue reading to clear out that misconception and learn about the different types of boots for men.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a classic men’s fashion style first introduced during the Victorian era. They were out of the fashion scene until the 80s when popular rock and roll bands started making them look cool again. They are comfortable, sport no laces, and have an elastic side panel. They are easily recognizable and are among the must-have boots for men. We recommend buying one of these suede materials, as they look quite trendy and modern.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots got their name from a nomenclature used in the game of polo. They are now part of men’s casual as well as formal fashion. They are characterized as short-ankled and open-lace-styled while having a rubber sole with leather uppers. They are the most chic-looking boots for men on the market.

Derby Boots

Derby boots make up for a more vintage ’80s style with high ankles and lace all the way. They are great casual wear boots, especially with denim. They were mostly popular among rock musicians in the 80s and still carry the same impression if you see someone wearing them. They are not common and make your style unique, making them one of the rare boots for men to buy.

Balmoral or Dress Boots

Balmoral shoes, commonly referred to as Dress boots, are Oxford shoes that are one of the few boots for men that can be considered for formal fashion. They look great with formal wear, especially suits, but be careful wearing them with casual outfits, as they might look too dressy with jeans. They are also termed Oxford boots due to their similarity, except for the added height in the case of the boots. We recommend buying one in an elegant dark color to match your winter sweaters or coats.

Jodhpur Boots

Jodhpur Boots were popularly known to be horse riding boots and were created for the same. They can be considered another variant of the Chelsea boots, but with straps for more grip while riding those horses through tough terrain. They have become fashionable footwear in recent times and are a great, rugged, and more manly alternative to the more chic Chelsea boots.

Hunting Boots

Hunting boots are great winter wear staples for men. Hunters in the mountains used them to walk through rough terrain for more comfort and grip as well as to shield their feet from the bitter cold. They are completely waterproof, making them durable for many years, and their strong traction soles also work as hiking or snow boots.

Work Boots

Construction workers, miners, and people who engage in any activity that calls for sturdy footwear typically wear work boots. They are simple, rugged, and manly, making them the ideal type of boots for men for semi-casual and casual wear. They stand out because of their straightforward design and incredibly durable construction, which includes thick and heavy soles and linings along the sides to keep feet comfortable all day.

Hiking Boots

As the name suggests, hiking boots were made for the sole purpose of hiking. The best of them are quite expensive and reserved mainly for experienced hikers and mountaineers. These boots also work as a great casual wear option and are one of the sturdiest boots for men.

Rain Boots

Rain boots, also known as Wellington or Gumboots, are characterized by their long ankles and rubbery waterproof material. As the name suggests, they are water-resistant and are great for places with lots of rain. They are not only available for kids in yellow but also for adults in solid, mature colors.

Snow Boots

Snow boots are again great casual wear options and are known for their fur stitches in the ankles. They are the quintessential winter boots that look great with any casual outfit. We recommend you style them with a long coat. They are water-resistant and have easy-to-clean material, making them one of the most sustainable boots for men.

Combat Boots

Men who enlisted in the military once wore combat boots, which are extremely durable boots with a focus on function over style. They currently stand out with this particular pair of men's boots as a quirky style statement that a small group of people enjoy.

Oxford Boots

Oxford Boots are one of the best-looking modern boots. They are characterized by their Oxford styling, but with a patch of oriented designs in the middle. They are the dressiest shoes available and are great for semi-casual and casual wear.


Boots are of various lengths and materials, and modern designs make it impossible to not have them all. But for every individual, there is a different type of boot out there. This list was meant to be a guide to the different types of boots for men that are currently in style. So invest in some great boots and turn up your fashion game this winter!

Written by: Ridhiman Das

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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