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Some simple ways to stay fit during festive season

Festive season is big around this time of the year. Get-togethers, dinners and parties are the most common thing. However, during these parties we tend to indulge too much into fried foods and sweets. This isn’t a very smart choice and we only come to think of it when we are getting back in our daily lives. It’s never too late to check on your health but it doesn’t cost you anything either to stay preventive. We at BFH believe that prevention is better than cure. With a little help from experts, we bring forth some simple ways to stay sit during festive season.

Plan your meals

It might not be in best interest to go to a party with an empty stomach. The best way to stay ahead of your health is to plan your meals. when you are aware that you need to turn up to an event at night, have light food in the day. Include foods like fruits and juices in your diet. Have a small snack before leaving for the party so that you don’t end up overeating. Also, experts advice to track your intake of minerals. Make sure you not eating processed food and a lot of carbs. Balance your diet with foods that contain complex carbs, proteins and healthy fats. Even if you end up overeating, try to get back to balancing your diet the next day. This will help you ensure fitness in festival season.

Be smart

When stepping out to party it is the best choice to scan the menu around you. Like we said earlier you need to balance out the amount of nutrition intake. It is not easy to reduce weight so make sure you consume food with less calories and high amount of good fats, proteins and carbs. When we cook food at home, we are much more specific about what we are consuming. Experts suggest that you should try to make sweets and snacks at home. The food from stores or your dear snack shop might taste good but is loaded with refined oils, sugars and preservatives that only deteriorate your health. When cooking at home try using organic honey, jaggery, dates in place of regular sugar as an healthy alternative.

Be active

We know festive season is the season to indulge. But it is no reason to skip your workouts. Experts suggest that not only do we need to keep a tab on what we eat and how much of it, but we need to stay on top of our workout. You can keep your workouts short and follow HIIT by BFH. Now even if you do end up taking a little too much of sweets, you can balance it out by burning those calories the next morning.

Eat desserts in-between meals

Experts suggest that the best time to eat desserts is in-between meals. This is because, if you consume a sweet as a snack in-between a meal, you will still be calorie deficient. This gives your body little chance to convert sugars to fats. Also, it is recommended to eat desserts 30-40 minutes before working out to prevent you waistline from expanding.

The key to staying healthy

Experts say a best way to stay healthy is to balance out your diet in a way that you consume everything important to your body. During get-togethers, there is a certain surge of calorie and carbohydrate intake. To balance that, you must focus on high quality proteins and fiber intake for other meals of the day. Experts recommend to add more green vegetable to other meals of the day to balance out your festive treats and eat a protein based diet before going to a party. This will help you add to the protein rich, fibrous diet and also be half full before reaching the party.

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