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Shaving products that every man must have

A decade ago, the concept of men’s grooming was restricted to shaving cream, aftershave, razors, and soap bars. Doesn’t this remind you of your dad’s grooming kit? Lately, our attitude towards grooming has changed, making men own essentials like never before. But do understand that owning plenty of grooming products won’t make you a complete man. Grooming is all about building a routine for your face, hair, and skin and sticking to it.

With tonnes of options around, identifying essentials can be tricky. Hence , we list down seven grooming essentials that every man must own.

1. Shaving Kit

A complete man can’t do without a shaving kit. The craze of the shaving kit can never fade away. There’s something very pleasing about the smell of lathering that gives you a fresh start. However, when picking a razor, be sure of the design that suits your hand movement. A wrong pick can ruin your beard and its growth as well.

shaving product

shaving products that are essential for your kit

2. Moisturiser with SPF

An SPF-based moisturiser is a must to keep your skin shielded from UV rays. The SPF component protects your skin from natural electromagnetic radiation and also delays the ageing process. It also retains your natural skin oil and keeps your skin hydrated. If one travels a lot, they can opt for a head-to-toe SPF cream that serves all purposes.

shaving product

Importance of SPF for skin

3. Hair Trimmer + Nose Hair Trimmer

A good trimmer in your kit is a must. This small electric piece works magic on your moustache or beard, creating several styles. A trimmer is a multi-purpose gadget that also helps you to keep a check on body, head, and nose hair.

shaving product

Hair trimmer and nose trimmer

4. Face Exfoliating Wash

Exfoliating your face is a sacred ritual that can do wonders for your skin. A good face wash takes care of everything. With so many brands available, we recommend you buy an organic product.

shaving product

face wash after shaving is an important step

5. All-in-One Shower Gel

A daily ritual product has to be part of your essential kit. Pick any brand’s all-in-one shower gel that works on your face, skin, and hair, making it quite easy to carry. If your skin type falls under normal to dry, look for a shower gel that has an oil ph level of 3.5 to 5.5.

shaving product

All-in-one body wash for your shaving kit

6. Make-up concealer stick

Not many might understand the importance of this, but a concealer stick needs a permanent place in your essential kit. This little product does magic on your face. It covers dark circles, blemishes, and ace spots. But the trick is picking the right shade. Go for one shade lighter than your skin colour, apply it to the patches and blend it evenly.

shaving product

Makeup can enhance your features after shaving

7. Lip Balm

Just like your body, your lips need attention. Whenever we talk about grooming, we often give our lips a miss. Unlike other parts of the body, the lips have no oil glands. Chapped lips are the last thing you want in a meeting or on a date. Keep your lips hydrated and enjoy some sweet time.

shaving product

make sure to keep your lips hydrated after shaving

8. Fragrance

Body odour can kill the best moods in the world. Invest in this purchase. An inexpensive perfume or deodorant frequently fades. Pick something classic—a neutral, musky eau de toilette must do.

shaving product

use a good perfume that compliments after shaving look.

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