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Shaving Essentials for Men

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Looking for better shaving options that are not only organic and skin friendly but also make you smell great? We have a list of shaving essentials for you.

Yes, we know that shaving is such an essential part of your regime, that you are already aware of all the products available in the market. But, hear me out, with the uber audience trying and looking for products that are good for their skin, the shaving industry has been tossing and turning while you sleep.

Balms, oils, pre-shave products and many others have entered the market, in an attempt to give men a better skin and experience. Shaving apart from giving you a clear skin also takes out some essential oils. To restore the natural skin and give it a healthy glow, there are some essential products that should be used pre and post shave. Want to which? Here is a list:

1. MANCODE Pre Shave Balm

A pre-shaving balm that prepares your skin for the razor and softens your hair by creating a layer on the skin, making sure that you do not get any razor burn. The balm hydrates and conditions your skin helping to achieve the clean shave you might be looking for. The balm has natural ingredients like Aloe-vera, Lemon oil, almond oil and Jojoba oil.

2. Hajamat Pre Shave Oil

If you are looking for a pre shave oil which can not only make your skin feel great but is also free of parabens, formaldehydes, sulphates and phthalates, then you have hit the right product. Hajamat’s Ultra Comfort Pre Shave Oil is infused with nine natural oils, making sure that you don’t get any irritation after your shave.

3. Rustic Art Shaving Soap

Organic is what has been trending these days. An organic shaving soap might come as a surprise but great for your skin and the environment. Rustic Art shaving soaps come in three variety- Tea Tree Shaving Soap, Orange Turmeric Shaving Soap and Lavender Charcoal Soap. A perfect match for all type of skins.

4. Uncle Tony After Shave Mist

Post shave burn is a real problem, sometimes even after applying an after shave gel. Uncle Tony’s after shave mist has a combination of freeze dried aloe leaf juice and Mexican prickly pear extract, which smoothen the skin and prevent damage.

5. NISHMAN After Shave Cologne

Would love to smell great after a good shave but cannot find the perfect product? We present to you ‘NISHMAN’s After Shave Cologne’ which offers three varieties- Caribbean, Lemon and Storm. The cologne is suitable for all skin types, is refreshing and lasts for days.

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