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Sexual foreplay: Whats in it for men?

When it comes to foreplay, men are often clueless, and it varies from man to man, falling under the subjective domain. Foreplay can be best described as the initiation of sexual stimulation through different acts, such as role playing and sexual games, among others, before intercourse. Foreplay has certain physiological and emotional aspects related to it. There’s no doubt that foreplay makes sex more engaging and enticing.

According to the survey, commissioned by Lovehoney and relationship expert Tracey Cox, men enjoy foreplay more than women and would like the build-up to sex to last longer than their lovers. Engaging in foreplay helps build emotional intimacy that makes men and women feel more connected in and out of the bedroom. Men can have certain inhibitions when it comes to foreplay; they may be cultural, such as being conservative. Moreover, foreplay means different things to different men; some enjoy certain things over others. Roleplays, love bites, and sexual games are all forms of physical roleplay, whereas it also has a mental dimension such as name calling and sexting, among others.

The Importance of Foreplay for Men

Men are creatures with insatiable desires, which is a biological aspect, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking desires. The whole idea of sexual quickies as manifested in movies is not exactly what men seek while making love. Men do like to experiment while making out, and are inclined to take the leading role.

According to Kamasutra (an ancient Indian text on the art of making love), kissing is the most important part of the love game; foreplay should begin with kissing, and it should accompany everything else during sex. There is no denying that kissing is something that every man desires and is an essential part of making love. The majority of men may have a feeling of unfulfilled desire if they indulge in sex without foreplay. It’s like having food without salt!

Men prefer to be dominant in bed, and the erection of their sexual organs undermines their sense of manliness. Men can get a perfect hardon and feel very close to their partners through kissing, role playing, and other forms of pre-play.

Men and the fear of foreplay

Some men may have certain inhibitions when it comes to indulging in foreplay with their partner. Men also have a fear of losing their “erection” as it dominates their mind during the act of sex. Men may rush for intercourse, fearing that they will lose their erection; they are also scared of being judged on the longevity of their erection. All these thoughts lead them to skip foreplay and rush for intercourse with their partner.

Men having anonymous sex with a person may want to skip foreplay as they are not emotionally attached to that person and are having sex for the sake of it. Foreplay requires a bond between the partners, and it is best when done with a romantic partner.

Foreplay Tips for Men

Seema Anand, a mythologist and sex expert, delves deeply into the art of seduction in her book, The Arts of Seduction, quoting sacred texts from the ancient Kamasutra. She gives detailed explanations about the art of lovemaking and different types of foreplay techniques that couples should engage in. Here are some:

  1. Love bites: According to the Kama Sutra, lovers who express their mutual passion through love bites will not decay in a hundred years! Also called a “hickey” or “Odaxelagnia” in medical terms, love bites are an essential form of foreplay and excitement.

  1. Kissing: The Kamasutra says that kissing is the most important part of foreplay, and Vatsyayan, who wrote the Kamasutra, says that kissing has an electric charge. When you put your lips on your lover’s lips, or any other part of their body, the charge is transferred to the nerves, which makes everyone excited.

  1. Pillow talk: Pillow talk involves keeping your lover amused and interested is also a brilliant tool of seduction. According to the Kama Sutra, the success of before and after depends on really good communication—what you talk about and the degree of attentiveness. If you make your partner feel loved and help them let go of their inhibitions, you can be sure that they will have a good sexual experience.

  1. Roleplaying: We must agree that roleplaying is enjoyable! Role-playing games are creative. Humorous, intimate, and erotic Playing a role like a doctor or an actor that your partner secretly crushes has the tendency to spice up the missing touch.

The bottom line

Foreplays are good for sex and lead to better intimacy with your partner. Men should engage in more foreplay so that they can fully enjoy sex. Inhibitions and insecurities should not interfere with roleplays because they will make your lover feel loved. Being more attentive and loving after sex means you get more brownie points for the same amount of effort and will have your lover waiting impatiently for next time.

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