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Romantic Sober Date Ideas for Men

Usually, when you go for a date, whether it is your first date or the 20th, it includes alcohol. Whether you prefer beer, whiskey or wine, in some way or the other, drinks tend to make a date much more romantic rather than coffee or tea. However, the hangover that you suffer from the next day can be painful and ruin your mornings.

Youngsters are now abstaining from alcohol most of the time, whether due to hangover issues or in order to take better care of their health. While a bottle of wine can always make a date extra special, living life soberly isn’t bad at all. Even if it involves dating.

If you are getting confused about how you are supposed to go for a date without a couple of drinks, fret not, we have got your back. Although a sober date can seem terrifying as well as boring, read on to find some romantic sober date ideas that will make your bond stronger with your partner.

Watch a Comedy Show

Stand up comedy is the new trend these days and you will find a stand up comedy show taking place at every other coffee house. So, instead of the normal movie and pizza date, take your date for a fun night of comedy at a comedy club where different stand up comedians are showcasing their talent.

It will be a great night as you see your date laugh their heart out along with a glass of milkshake, instead of a bottle of beer. Along with that, you can always talk about your favourite jokes and comedians after the show and share a pizza together. It will certainly be much better than having a couple of drinks at the bar like you usually did.

Have a Picnic Date

This kind of date is certainly made if you are planning a first date with someone special. Instead of the usual wine and dine, take them to a lovely park and have a picnic lunch or dinner. You could even have a candlelight meal at the park, rather than a normal picnic.

It will definitely be a special date for both of you as you guys can talk about a lot of things, like life, your dreams, inspirations and much more. You guys could even lie down under the stars and gaze at them during the night which can make it much more romantic than drinking.

Go to a Carnival

Going to a carnival can be another first date idea which can prove to your partner that you don’t need alcohol to make a date great. With so many rides, games and food available as you hold their hand and walk into the carnival, it could be the best place to have a date. You could even win that teddy bear for your date and bring that smile on their face.

Although carnivals don’t happen all the time, when they do, you must not miss the chance to visit it with your partner. They just might be the way to bring you closer to your beloved.

Go for a Camping Trip

A camping trip with your partner can be an amazing romantic date idea that can make your bond stronger than ever. And you don’t need to go somewhere far away in the woods to go camping. Just gather your camping equipment and gear and get set for a camping trip nearby.

Once you guys reach there, you can set up your tent as well as cook together for the night. Apart from that, both of you can also gaze at the stars as you lie on the ground. Things might also get a little steamy inside the tent in the end.

Cook Together

Not all men can cook for their partner, however, you don’t have to be one of them! You guys can always have a cooking date, whether it is pizza, pasta, or a stew. While they chop the veggies, you can prepare the dough or boil the pasta and make the sauce or vice versa. Ensure that you do most of the work to impress them, rather than making them do most of the work.

Together, both of you can enjoy an amazing and delicious meal along with some iced tea or juice, according to your wish. If you wish, you can also bake some muffins for the date, as a dessert and get into their good books.

Go Sailing

If you know a thing or two about sailing, you can always use them to create a romantic date for the two of you. This can always be turned into a first date if you want. If you don’t own a boat, worry not, you can always rent a boat and take your partner sailing into the deep waters. Sailing can be very romantic and both of you can even have a romantic couple dance when the boat is still.

Apart from that, as you guys are alone, both of you can talk about your deepest secrets as well as other things that you want to talk about. We don’t think you will need any alcohol for such a date.

Have a Movie Marathon

A movie marathon can be a fun way of having a date, watching all your favourite movies, whether it is romcoms, Spiderman movies, Marvel movies or DC ones! Get set to be comfortable and be ready with the movies that both of you want to watch.

Not only can you get comfortable with them but you both might even end up cuddling together. A movie marathon is a great way of knowing each other’s taste as well as their likes and dislikes.

Play Video Games Together

If you think that video games are just made for guys to play with, then you are wrong my man. Women can ace at playing video games and can even beat you. So why not turn it into a date?

You can play your favourite video games together, whether it is Call of Duty Warzone or Grand Theft Auto 5, and see who loses more. The loser can then do whatever the winner asks them to do (apart from drinking).

It can be a day full of fun and jest, and you will be able to know how well your partner is good at beating you at video games. However, if your partner is not at all interested in video games, then you might not prefer this option as a date.

Attend a Musical Show

It doesn’t always have to be a Broadway show that you go for on a date. There are a lot of musical shows that are taking place in the city. You can always opt for one of them and take your partner to the show and enjoy the night with them.

Although, if the show doesn’t turn out to be as expected, you can always make jokes about it later on! In any case, you are having the best of both the world and having your partner by your side at the same time.

Go for Salsa Classes

Now this type of a date is not applicable for first dates, however if you have been seeing your date for a while, you can always opt for taking salsa classes with them. The best part about it is that dancing will spice things up a little bit in your relationship and bring both of you much closer than you had expected. Apart from that, you guys will also learn a new talent and can flaunt it in front of your friends when you get together with them.


There is no such thing as a perfect date; you will always end up messing up something or the other. Either they won’t be interested in playing video games or you will end up sleeping during the musical. However, it is the memories that the both of you make that matters. And without drinking any wine or cocktail, you will be able to enjoy even more than you had ever expected.

While alcohol does give you a high and a rush that helps you either relax or get extremely active, it isn’t something that you need during a date. You only need to be mindful and present during a date. That matters the most. And if you drink so much that you end up passing out, won’t it ruin the night for which you had been planning for so long?

Why don’t you try some of these date ideas and understand how important it is to be sober when you are on a date. You can either choose one of these or all of them, it doesn’t matter. What matters is showing what you feel for the partner you are dating and how much you care for them. Have a great date!

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