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Recognizing Sapiosexuality: How Do You Know if You Are One?

Do you believe in Brains over Beauty? Do you feel that embracing one’s wisdom and making it a priority for relationships, is what you want to do? Then this article is here to help you out:

In today's time, the majority of us are frequently judged based on our sexual orientations. Recognizing yourself for who you are and the choices you make is an important aspect of life. Sexuality is an important fact of human identity and a part of who we are as people. It encompasses a wide range of inclinations, goals, and expressions.

It is a vast and complicated concept that includes emotional, romantic, and sexual desires. It is not only binary, but it also exists on a spectrum. Heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, asexuality, sapiosexuality, and other sexual orientations are all respectable and should be acknowledged. So, let us see what sapiosexuality is and how to tell if you are one:

What exactly is Sapiosexual/Sapiosexuality?

The phrase "sapiosexual" is derived from the Latin verb sapiens, which means "to be wise" or "to have sense." Sapiosexuality is a sexual identity that describes people who are aroused by intelligence." While many people are lured to the position, wealth, and power that knowledge brings, sapiosexuals are drawn to the mind itself. They place a premium on intellectual compatibility and regard intellectual stimulation as a significant component of their romantic or sexual interactions.

We will now look at the characteristics and indicators of sapiosexuality to help people obtain a better knowledge of their sexual orientation and to promote a broader acceptance of different types of attraction.

Are you Sapiosexual?

It can be difficult to determine whether you are sapiosexual or simply value intelligence in your partner. However, there are some ways to learn about this-

1) You’re drawn to someone because you’re impressed by their intelligence

Can you recall a time when you were uninterested in someone until you saw them reading a book you liked or had read yourself, had a lively conversation with them, or read and know their perspectives on something? You may be sapiosexual if you have ever seen a difference in how turned on you are by someone after learning about them or having an interaction with them that validated their intellect.

2) You're fascinated with inner beauty

You would not be drawn to someone simply because he or she is attractive if you are a sapiosexual. What is most important to you is how he or she thinks.

3) You are an excellent listener

You appreciate it when people can teach you new things, which can help you improve your listening skills. When someone you care about can talk about something they've learned or something they find fascinating, you admire them. This not only broadens your brain and links with your value of discussion, but it also fills you with admiration to witness someone so passionate about knowledge and competent in communicating.

4) You prefer a cozy bookshop to be an excellent first-date setting

Being in a tranquil setting with minimal interruptions and getting to know your partner better through meaningful discussion can indicate that you are sapiosexual.

Accepting Your Sapiosexuality

1) Self-Reflection: Take the time to reflect on your attractions and better understand them. Consider your previous relationships and look for patterns relating to intellectual compatibility.

2) Open Communication: If you are in a relationship or looking for one, you must be open about your sexual orientation and interests. This aids in the development of trust and understanding in your relationship.

3) Accept Diversity: Sapiosexuality, like any other sexual orientation, exists on a spectrum, with different preferences and experiences for each individual. Accept your individuality and recognize that variation in attractions is a beautiful element of human nature.

4) Respect Others: Understand that sapiosexuality is only one of many sexual orientations. Respect and support all orientations, and never pass judgment or reject another person’s preferences.

Advice for Dating a Sapiosexual

If you want to date a sapiosexual and grasp what they’re drawn to, you must first recognize their distinct wants and preferences. Because physical looks may not be important to them, ask them what they look for in a mate and how you can be supportive of their sexuality. Here is some dating advice for sapiosexuals-

  • Express and show an interest in their activities.

  • Make library or book club appointments.

  • Plan expeditions to learn about new cultures or ideas together.

  • Inquire about their favorite book and why they like it.

  • Ask them about their job.

  • Learn a new skill together.

  • Discuss your hobbies with them.


It is important for every individual to recognize and appreciate what they feel. You should be open to making your choices, irrespective of what all the norms say.

Embracing sexual orientations is one of the most needful tasks for the youth to do these days.

Through this article, you’ll be able to get one step closer to understanding yourself and determining what you want in a possible relationship if you’ve decided that you’re sapiosexual.

You’ll have more success in your dating life if you know who you are and what you want out of a relationship.

Accepting your sexual orientation, better understanding yourself, and encouraging acceptance of varied inclinations can lead to more meaningful and enriching relationships. Remember, there is no right or wrong in issues of the heart and mind; what matters most is the honesty of your interactions.

Article by: Sakshi Mathur

Edited by: Puneet Kapani

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