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Recognising Anxiety in Men

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The men in today’s era have been dealing with so many responsibilities on their shoulders. While working from home has increased a man’s presence in his family life, it has also increased the responsibilities. The stress of work, home and life in general often leads to anxiety. How can this anxiety cripple a man’s lifestyle? Let’s get to know more about it.

If you are feeling anxious just before proposing to your partner for marriage or before a job interview, it is normal and within the limits of anxiety that many face. However, anxiety in a man becomes a problem, if you are on your way back home from work and feeling anxious about what will happen if you lose your job even though you have not done anything wrong. This crippling sense of anxiety that can lead to hampering your normal day to day functioning is something to be concerned about and be looked at.

Anxiety has been affecting a lot of adults in the US itself, out of which *14.3% are men, according to a research by the National Comorbidity Study Replication. Men and women both struggle with anxiety, but men go through more trouble as they prefer not to seek help or talk about it with anyone in their family, friends or even a therapist.

While men keep on bottling up their feelings and emotions, we decided to open up about it and talk about anxiety in men. Let’s have a look below:

Symptoms of Anxiety in Men

Anxiety in men can be disturbing for them.

Many men go through anxiety or anxiety disorder for many reasons. It is hard for them to stop worrying and it can also affect their ability to do their daily activities with their constant feelings of anxiety. They fear any social or performance related situations and subsequently worry about a traumatic event in the past. These are some of the symptoms of anxiety in men:

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety in Men

  1. pounding or racing heart

  2. excessive sweating

  3. muscle tension

  4. restlessness or agitation

  5. dizziness and vertigo

  6. shortness of breath or choking sensations

  7. insomnia

  8. panic attacks

Emotional Symptoms of Anxiety in Men

  1. frequent worry about what could go wrong

  2. feelings of dread

  3. concentration problems

  4. avoidance

  5. catastrophic thinking

  6. irritability or edginess

  7. being overly vigilant towards danger

  8. absentmindedness

  9. fear of losing control.

Apart from these symptoms, a man may go through ongoing feelings of worry, fear as well as impending doom that are so severe that they may hamper your ability to work, maintain relationships as well as a good night’s sleep.

Causes of Anxiety in Men

Anxiety in men doesn't let them be themselves.

There is no definite cause of anxiety in men, however, you can go through anxiety due to stress about work, family, relationships or traumatic experiences in life. Apart from that, men can go through anxiety due to health problems such as heart disease, diabetes as well as low testosterone.

Treatment for Anxiety in Men

Anxiety is a treatable (not curable) mental health disorder so no man should suffer alone in silence. If you are going through anxiety, the first step that you can take towards treatment is by going to a therapist. He or she will be able to understand your mental health issues and will be able to assist you in the process of healing.

Another step that you could take is by indulging in acts of self care that you might have stopped taking part in. You could find a hobby that you love, meditate, spend some ‘me time’ as well as write in a journal about your anxiety and other thoughts. Opening up with a close friend about your anxiety is a great idea as well.

While your doctor could suggest a few medications for you, it is important that you make some lifestyle changes to deal with anxiety. Looking forward to alcohol and drugs is not a good idea. Instead, opt for working out regularly, eating a balanced diet and sleeping well.


As a man is being raised, society always tells him to man up and swallow his emotions, rather than sharing them. This has often led men to deal with severe mental health disorders. While they try to cage their feelings and emotions to show their strength as a man, anxiety does not discriminate and can weaken even the strongest of all men with its effects.

However, if you are dealing with anxiety, you are not alone in this battle; many men are going through the same struggle silently. All you need to do is seek help and soon you will be free from your personal hell.


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