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Partner Meditation: Builds undeniable bond with the partner

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Meditation is always considered an alone ritual where every individual prefers practicing it in solitude and at their own pace to gain numerous physical and mental benefits. However, there is another area where meditation has proven to be quite beneficial i.e. building a stronger bond with your partner. In today’s time where couples live hectic lives and are mostly occupied in their time-consuming professional area; a couples meditation can work wonders for the relationship and their individual health.

Highlighting the benefits of couple meditation, a study conducted at the Max Planck Institute in Germany suggests that practicing “dyadic meditation”—where two people meditate together—may help us feel closer and more open with others.

Men usually find their partners complaining that they don’t spend enough time with them. Couples meditation is a perfect way for them to spend quality time with their partners. According to research conducted in 2018 by Northeastern University Health and Counseling Services, Massacheuttes, found that just three weeks of ‘Headspace Meditation’ increased compassion by 23% and reduced aggression by 57%. Additionally, an internal study found that 10 days of ‘Headspace Meditation’ reduced irritability by 27%.

Keeping this in mind, if you are looking to add some peace into your relationship and often find that you would want to be more calm and peaceful on a personal level, then we definitely recommend meditation for you and your partner. Although, wait, that is not all what meditation can help your relationship with, there are a lot of other benefits that medication can help you out with.

Here is a list of benefits of couple meditation for men:

Eliminates Stress

Stress has become a part and parcel of our lives. Living in a competitive environment, where society keeps a track of your achievements can build a lot of pressure on men. Along with this, men deal with many things on a daily basis, which induces a huge amount of stress due to their demanding work, peer pressure, and balancing their professional and personal lives.

This stress wedges into even the strongest relationships. Even some of the common clashes can lead to big differences between couples. However, couples meditation is one of the effective ways to eliminate stress by giving an ability to make sound decisions and mindful awareness.

When couples practice meditation together they tend to reach a common platform of understanding and solidarity. Primarily meditation balances out the life of men, where they are able to have a sound thinking process and take quick decisions. Secondly, they start relating with each other wherein instead of having arguments, the couples start realizing the pressure or challenges faced by the other partner and help them in overcoming the situation.


It is often seen that men who tend to practice meditation on a daily basis are calm, composed and kinder than their peers. With increased mindful awareness, they are able to make decisions faster yet more calculative by analysing the situation from all spheres. Meditation is a process that makes men self actualise and analyse their situation and daily working of their lives. This creates an atmosphere where men become more aware of their emotions and try to become a better version of themselves by making changes in their personality. Meditation is the start of a spiritual journey that leads to the path of improvement.

Couples who practice meditation together happen to become compassionate with their own selves and each other. Such couples develop a stronger mindset, which in turn develops a tendency of empathy & sympathy. They give each other the required space in the relationship that maintains harmony between them and induces the habit of gratitude. The kinder partner will be able to effectively deal with negative emotions and build a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Improves ability to resolve conflicts

It is quite natural to have different mindsets, opinions and stands on various topics that sometimes can lead to some difference in couples due to their individual outlook. But couples who meditate together are able to create a balanced relationship by resolving their conflicts, understanding each others’ point of view and thought process, as meditation makes individuals less aggressive and reactive to any and every situation. Their clear thought process and a higher level of mindfulness allows them to be well aware of the art of compromise. This often leads to increased satisfaction with the relationship and your partner.

Become a Strong Team

Whenever a couple gets into a deal to conduct an activity together, they set a goal to come closer and increase intimacy and connection. When it comes to meditating together and starting a life with more mindfulness, the couple learns to work as a team. It establishes communication and trust between them. At the same time, it provides a lot more reasons to celebrate achievements as a couple that leads to a satisfactory bond.

Builds Accountability

Pursuing mediation is never easy where a man tends to skip the routine or leaves in between due to difficulty or other personal reasons. But when you make a commitment with your partner to undertake the meditation practice, the couple makes the effort and practice to create an unbreakable routine. Meditating with your partner gives you enough reasons and motivation, which helps in continuously carrying out the routine. It increases the accountability amongst partners where you add conscious efforts not only during meditation but keep adding efforts in your relationship as well, which leads to higher commitment levels, reliability and trust between the couple.

Overcomes the need of therapy

In the modern world, couples are witnessed consulting a relationship therapist to remove clashes between them that have grown over a period of time. On the contrary, couple meditation helps in removing any such need as the couples learn compassion, strengthen their bond, and expand their mutual understanding, which brings them together. Meditation helps couples in being aware of each others’ needs, desires, expectations physically & mentally.

Increased Intimacy

When a couple meditates together, they nurture the intimacy between them with a conscious effort to come closer and rebuild a bond. Conducting an activity like meditation that enhances mindfulness, clarity in the minds, the couple feel a higher sense of connection and cultivate compassion that leads to intimacy in the bed and otherwise.


Meditating together with your partner makes a spiritual bond in your relationship. This bend tends to be the closest bond that one can achieve through their relationship. Not only does meditating together bring both of you some inner peace but the same peace will be cultivated and cherished in your relationship.

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