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Parallel Income Streams for Men

Whether you have a day job or are already an entrepreneur, as a man, you might want to diversify your income. After all, in today’s era, your expenses may not have an end, but the income from your job or business might be limited. With a limited income, it is hard to get your increasing expenses covered, along with your financial goals, however, if you want, you can always diversify your income by opting for a variety of parallel income streams at the same time.

You might be able to pay your rent, the phone bill, the electricity bill as well as your water bill, however, if you want to live a life which is much more than just paying your bills and making ends meet, these parallel income streams are your best option. They are easy to go for and do not take much of your precious time as well.

If you are up for it and want to diversify your income to afford other items in your life as well, we have a list of options that you could go for, without wasting any time. Have a look:


When we talk about blogging, it does not mean that the minute you publish your first post, you will start making money. It takes a lot of time to make money when you choose to start a blog. In fact, for some men, it could take from a few months to more than a year to make money from a blog. However, it is always worth it if you are someone who is into blogging.

When you choose to opt for starting a blog, do not just start publishing anything and everything that is happening in your life. First, choose a topic that you want to blog about. It could be anything, such as fashion, lifestyle, investing, finance, technology and the list goes on. Once you have chosen your topic, be updated about it and then publish your posts. Apart from that, add pictures about it as well to make sure that you get maximum views on your blog. Keep working on it consistently and you will surely start making money from it.


Along with your day job or business, freelancing is another option that you can go for according to the skills you have. If you are a writer or a graphic designer, use your skills as a freelancer to earn an extra income through freelancing websites or by creating your own network to get freelancing work. You can always use your free time to do your freelancing work and earn an extra income with the help of your skills.


While most men believe in saving money for a rainy day such as their retirement, investing your money in the stock market or mutual funds is actually a good option to earn an extra income. If you have a good knowledge about the stock market, you can always opt for it and start investing in it to get more profits. You can even invest in gold so that when the rate goes up you are able to sell it for a better price. Investing your money is a great option when it comes to having a diverse income and you should start investing at an early age.

Rent Out Your Property

While we were talking about investing, you can even invest in real estate and then rent it out to someone to get a monthly rent which becomes a part of your monthly income. Whether you purchase an apartment or a house, you can always rent it out for a profit and let the rent flow in per month. It will be a piece of cake for you as you need no skills for it.

Drive for Uber

If you are good at driving, do not do it for free. You can always opt for driving for Uber, which will pay you enough to have a good amount of extra income. If you have a well maintained car and know how to drive, it will be quite easy for you to register for Uber and start driving. You can always use your free time to take passengers to their destinations and get paid for driving a cab.

Home Based Business

In order to earn an extra amount of income, you can always start a home based business, if you have the right kind of skills. For example if you have the skills of a baker or have been a communications specialist, you can start a home based business at a small scale and see where it goes. It would not need a huge marketing campaign or advertising as well. All you need is word of mouth and you will soon see your home based business booming around the neighbourhood. Apart from that, you can make a social media page for it on Instagram and Facebook and keep updating it accordingly to make sure that you get enough customers.


While most men stick to their primary income from their day job, some men opt for multiple sources of income and choose some of the above given options to earn extra income. Whether you choose to invest, freelance or rent out your property, it will always help you out in the long run. Extra income is not only about if you are able to afford extra items in your life but if you want to reach your financial goals as well.

A lot of men choose to take an extra step and earn an extra income so that they can save up for either a big purchase or for their new business idea. No matter what the reason is, if you need an extra income, these are some of the best parallel income streams that men can opt for.

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