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Pancakes coming your way!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

For an easy, super fast and yummy breakfast, pancakes can be your true friends. by Aakanksha Bajpai

For people like me and I am guessing many others, cooking food can be a handful of jobs, especially while staying alone, and trying to feed our own self. Even though the food delivery comes in pretty handy, a time comes when we all have to cook, and that special case really came during the lockdown.

One of the super easy, tasteful and yet tummy filling food that I found to make was pancakes. With minimum ingredients required pancakes make great for breakfast, here is how:


Pancake mix, water, honey, chocolate syrup, blueberry, raisin

How To

Take out the pancake mix from the packet in a bowl. Mix water with it and make a smooth batter. Make sure to mix according to your requirements. Heat up your pan to an even temperature. Make sure that the pan’s surface is smooth and even. Drop two to three spoons of batter on the pan. You can always add more according to the size of the pancake that you may want. Once it’s heated, the surface of the pancake will form bubbles on it, which indicates that you need to flip the pancake. Make sure to heat it up again for 2-3 minutes. And your pancake is ready.

Before surviving you can add honey, chocolate syrup, blueberries, raisins or any other ingredient of your choice and enjoy.

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