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Orgasmic Meditation: A guide to better sexual experience

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

It is often quoted that meditation offers solutions for a raft of problems that are not merely restricted to mental and physical issues but has remedies for sexual problems faced by a large ratio of Men. Orgasmic Meditation is one of the meditation techniques that provides an ability to merge sexual pleasures with mindfulness and prepares men to connect with their bodies on an intimate level. It is also said to evade the stress from the body and mind and give the inner-peace to many men.

Orgasmic Meditation is a wellness technique that increases the men’s ability to feel themselves in an efficient manner and has also proven to help accentuate the chances of experiencing a powerful orgasm. This meditation technique includes experiencing every sensation and vibration in the body deeply but without being involved in sexual intercourse.

What is Orgasmic Meditation

In a 2021 study conducted by a US-based Frontiers in Psychology, it was stated that Orgasmic Meditation provides intense emotions of positivity, increased partner connection, and improves brain activity related to oneness, self-transcendence, surrender, and spirituality.

It is a powerful combination of yoga, meditation and orgasm that is practiced between two adults with their mutual consents. It is required to concentrate on breathing with mental peace and focus on pleasure. However, it is essential to note that Orgasmic Meditation doesn’t involve any kissing, penetration or touching of any other body part during the practice. Moreover, it totally differs from foreplay especially for men as it doesn’t involve any give or take in this.

Orgasmic Meditation is similar to other meditation techniques where the basic concentration is on sexual awareness and acknowledging the gentle pulsing waves of pleasure arousing from genitals. This process builds a therapeutic connection, with raw emotions flowing throughout your body in a judgement free zone.

Benefits of Orgasmic Meditation

Improved Masturbation

Believe it or not, but masturbation is scientifically good for a male’s body as it improves the quality of sleep, mood, and immune system functioning, while also offering complete relaxation. Practice of Orgasmic Meditation, is said to improve the masturbation experience that enhances the benefits for men’s physical and mental health.

Better Experience

In the recent era, sexual intercourse is showcased as a fast process in desperation to reach penetration. However, it is the opposite in reality where one needs to enjoy the process within a given time frame. Therefore, Orgasmic Meditation which connects mindfulness with pleasure, allows men to feel every move and step of the sexual intercourse to be able to enjoy better outcomes. By becoming mindful, men connect with sensations in a better way aroused in their bodies and their partner’s body.

Increased Pleasure

As stated above Orgasmic Meditation builds a deeper connection with your body by removing any mental hindrance; it leads to the heightened pleasure with awareness gained via meditation. The practice of this meditation technique brings the ability to feel little things in your body and increases the intense pleasure.

Increased Body Acceptance

Not everyone is comfortable with their own body and the hesitance increases during intimacy due to the fear in mind that doesn’t let you enjoy the entire process. But Orgasmic Meditation builds a beautiful relationship between you and your body with more acceptability. Once you start appreciating your own body, the process of intimacy with a partner automatically becomes more comfortable and enjoyable without any fear of shame.

Increased Bond with Partner

Primarily, Orgasmic Meditation is performed between two adults that are partners in most cases so when a couple indulges in any form of practice or routine together, their bond and understanding automatically improve. And Orgasmic Meditation brings out the emotions and helps men understand not just their own emotions but that also of their partners, leading them to be able to connect to their partner intimately and mentally. This meditation is able to construct a positive relationship between a couple with touch & pleasure.


To begin Orgasmic Meditation, it is important to practice this routine step by step and once you and your partner are comfortable, then you may find your own routine to follow. Once you start incorporating Orgasmic Meditation practice into your routine, it helps you connect with your sexual wellness and open up your orgasm with increased awareness to feel the sensations that already exist in your inner self.

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