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Myths around beard

When it comes to styling and fashion, men are just as choosy as women. They think a lot about what will suit them and what won’t. In this case, with regards to facial hair. Having a beard or not is an all-time dilemma. It can be very confusing for them to choose between the two choices. But the real confusing mess starts when they decide to keep the beard. After deciding to keep a beard, you may start to wonder how to style it, what to style it with, and how to maintain it. It may appear to be a complicated business at times, but beards can give you a completely different look if properly maintained. But there are still a lot of myths around beards that keep men from rocking the beard look.

Myth: You can’t grow a beard if you didn’t grow one in your twenties

It’s crucial to note that beard genetics vary widely, so this may be the case for certain men. However, for the majority of men, beard development is a journey that continues over time and may last well into their 30s and 40s or even beyond. The healthiest thing you can do is to continue eating a balanced diet.

Myth: Beards cause itching

Most bearded men have dealt with the issue of beard itch at some point or another during the process of growing a beard. However, it should be noted that this problem is manageable with regular beard maintenance and grooming, hydration, and hygiene. Unlike any other beard oil on the market, Beard Oil was created precisely to help trap moisture in your beard and keep it hydrated for longer. You get a long-lasting aroma, long-lasting moisture, and an itch-free beard.

Myth: Regular shampoo is the same as beard shampoo

For some reason, it seems that bearded men frequently think that a three-in-one shampoo or a standard hair shampoo will operate the same way on their beards as a shampoo designed specifically for beards. That is not the situation and is one of the more common myths. Normal hair washes and shampoos contain harsh elements such as foaming agents that will deplete the natural oils in your beard. Your skin beneath your beard and your hair will get dry without your natural oils, which can cause a variety of different problems for your beard.

Myth: A beard doesn’t need trimming.

You should trim your beard every now and then to allow it to develop to its full potential. Long-haired women are not the only ones who experience split ends; bearded men also experience them. Without routinely cutting the ends, you risk limiting your beard’s ability to grow. Keep it shaped, keep it hydrated, and keep it beardy.

Myth: Shaving results in a thick beard.

You’ve probably heard this one before if you’re older than 10 and have ever tried to grow a beard. Contrary to what most people think and something we talk about a lot, the best way to get a bigger, fuller beard is to just let it grow. We’d much rather you give your face a deep tissue massage than break out the razor, even if rubbing your face will boost blood flow to the area.


Myths can form a dusty layer around the idea of having a perfect beard. Make sure you groom your beard well and help yourself to attain the most desirable beard look. Make sure you take good care of it; use beard oil, trim it well, and give it a good brush. You’ll be surprised to see how tiny consistent efforts can contribute to making you look entirely different.

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