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Must have accessories for summer

It’s hard to look stylish when it’s hot outside., especially during peak summer. Whether or not you look good in your everyday clothes depends on things like colour, cut, and how much you sweat.

Men who used to be stylish seemed to have given up and wear baggy tank tops, shorts that don’t look good on them, and dad sandals. This is a sad thing to see. There are definitely people who are judging those guys behind their backs.

You don’t have to be one of them. There are many ways to improve your style without making yourself a sweaty mess. In today’s article, Ridhiman Das talks about 10 cool things that every guy should have this summer.

#1: The Right Sunglasses

It’s summertime, and the sun is shining brightly. Hence, sunglasses are a must-have for men’s summer style right now.

If you need reasons other than style, then there is another crucial reason for you to invest – for your eyes.

It’s not a secret that too much sun can hurt your eyes, and the damage can be very bad. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays will hurt your eyesight. Some of the common known problems include:

  1. Cataract, a clouding of the lens of the eye that can cause partial or complete blindness, can be caused by UV rays.

  2. Pterygium or pinguecula is a growth on the eye made of fleshy tissue.

  3. Ocular melanoma is cancer of the eye. Too much exposure to UV rays can also cause cancer of the eyelids.

With these health problems caused by too much exposure to UV rays, sunglasses are much more useful than just for looking cool. Please put them on. It could be important for your health as well!

#2: A stylish watch

Men should always wear a watch in the summer because it is a classic part of their style. It ought to be

Functional: tell time accurately for a long time.

Durable: It should be tough enough to handle the way you live.

Style is simple: people should look at your watch and think, “Damn, that guy knows how to dress!”

Change the brand or the style: If you’re looking for something new there are dozens of good brands where your money will be well spent. Usually, there are two main types of watches: those with straps and those with metal bracelets. Everyone has their own tastes, and most of us have settled into those.

You can move up from these watches to ones that look like wood. Woodgrain watches are a nice way to switch things up. When most men wear traditional leather and metal bands on their watches, these watches stand out.

#3: The Best Summer Hat

Gentlemen have worn hats and caps for a long time. Men have worn hats in all kinds of weather and for many different reasons. Hats have been worn since the Middle Ages, both as a sign of sophistication and culture and because they are useful.

Hats are a useful part of men’s summer style, just like sunglasses, and they can look great. Some useful things about hats are:

  1. UV rays can hurt the head, eyes, and face.

  2. Offer shelter from the hot sun.

  3. Protect the head and face from rainstorms in the summer.

It’s all about the material when it comes to summer hats. Summer hats must be made of breathable fabric and have a sweat-wicking or sweat-absorbing headband, just like summer shirts.

Summer is all about having fun and being light, so your hats should be, too. Popular summer hats include:

Straw fedoras


Straw pork pie hats

Hats made of linen

Polyester caps for baseball

#4: Shoes that don’t weight much

Shoes are like a car’s wheels and tyres in terms of style. When the wheels let the team down, the whole look is off.

Summer is a good time to try something new with your shoes. We’ve talked at length about how to understand and buy good shoes. Construction and materials show how good something is (leather). If the leather is good, the shoe will be good. It can also mean a warm shoe.

During the summer, try a pair of light, comfortable shoes that let air in. Check out:

Espadrilles: The upper is made of canvas or cotton, and the sole is made of jute rope. This is what makes the shoe unique. The upper is breathable, which keeps the foot cool, and the fabric can hold many different colours and patterns.

Sandals: are the most laid-back summer footwear there is. I emphasise how light something is because leather can still make the foot sweat. Now, the key is to get sandals that look good. The hiking sandals do not belong in this group. You can wear a nice pair of chinos or linen pants or shorts with a stylish sandal.

Shoes made of canvas: The espadrilles and canvas sneakers both have a canvas upper, but the canvas sneaker is much more casual. Classic gentlemen only wear them with shorts and jeans, but they also look good with chinos.

No matter what kind of lightweight shoe you choose, make sure it has a lot of style and is breathable. Since it’s summer, you’ll show some leg when you wear shorts. Make sure the shoe is nice enough to look at.

Make sure you wear no-show socks, as well as shoes that are light. Most of the suggested shoes don’t have uppers that go higher than the ankle. The no-show sock is the most stylish option out there. It’s also useful and can help keep your feet healthy.

Some good reasons to wear socks are:

  1. The foot’s sweat can be soaked up and drawn away.

  2. Helps control and stop foot odour. Can stop fungi from growing. Keeps the foot from getting sore from rubbing against the shoe.

#5: A good backpack

Because they are so useful, backpacks are a must-have. They are what a modern man takes with him from day to night. Unlike the fanny pack of old, a backpack has enough room for all the important things.

During the summer, it’s important to travel light for work or for fun. Also, summer is the best time to wear a backpack, since satchels and holdalls can be hard to carry when it’s hot.

A backpack is a great part of a man’s summer style because it can be used to carry:

Notepad for making notes or keeping a journal

Tablets (like the iPad, Galaxy, etc.)

Small personal items

Water bottles, which are a must in the hot sun!

Your lunch

A good book

The list continues… You can’t say enough about how useful a backpack is. The key is to find one that is well-designed, made by a good company, and made of good materials.

There are a lot of choices, so you should do some research to find the backpack that fits your needs and way of life.

#6: Aquatic Fragrances

Having trouble picking a scent?

Let’s save you some trouble. Consider an aquatic scent for this summer. Aquatic smells make you think of the ocean. Imagine you’re sitting on the beach and a light breeze from the water brushes your nose.

This is done by perfumers using Headspace Technology, which is a way to separate the scent molecules around an object so that they can be made again later.

Acqua Di Gio, Cool Water by Davidoff, and Virgin Island Water by Creed are all popular aquatic scents for men.

#7: Summer Coats

Even though it’s hot, you still love suits and sports jackets.

Seersucker is a thin, wrinkly cotton fabric that is usually sold in stripes. The name comes from the words shir and shakar in Persian and kshirsharkara in Hindi, which means “milk and sugar”. Putting them together refers to the rough texture and colour of the fabric.

Seersucker came to the United States in 1907 through New Orleans. During the warmer months, Southern gentlemen wore it all the time.

This jacket is the best way for men to update their summer style.

#8: Ties Made of Knit

Summer is all about being relaxed, so if you like ties, smooth silk might be too formal for you.

Now is the perfect time to give a knit tie a try. Because they are knit, the bottom of traditional knit ties is always flat. To make a pointed knit tie, you’d have to manually adjust the knots, which is, to say the least, a difficult task.

Men who like to try new things could always wear a knit bow tie. Because not many guys are brave enough to wear them, bow ties are a great way to make your outfit stand out.

The knit style gives your outfit some texture, and it goes with most outfits that include a dress shirt. If you want to add more texture, mottled yarn is a good choice. At the end of the milling process, the untreated parts of the thread are mixed with the treated parts to make a highly mottled colour effect. This makes a unique pattern.

This adds to the tie’s casual feel and makes it a perfect piece to wear in the summer.

#9: Men’s Jewelry

Try something new and different this summer by adding some bling to your outfit. Men have worn jewellery to show their power and status for a long time.

Bracelets, rings, and necklaces are all great ways to step up your summer style and give your outfit a new look.

Jewelry can mean a lot to you personally, like your wedding ring, or it can just be pretty. It’s also a great thing to talk about. Find something that works for you, but don’t go overboard. As always, the “keep it simple” rule applies!

#10: Belts in light colours

We all know what a belt is, and we all know that it keeps your pants from falling down in public. But a useful accessory is also the one that people forget about the most. Yes, every guy should have a black or brown dress belt, but why not try other colours and materials? Summer is a great time to try out some brighter colours and patterns for your belt.

As a general rule, buy a belt that is 2 or 3 inches bigger than the size of your pants. If your waist is 36 inches, choose a 38-to-40-inch belt.

Try suspenders instead of a belt if you want to try something a little different. (Don’t forget that you CAN’T wear a belt and suspenders at the same time!) Many men find that suspenders are more comfortable, and when they take off their jackets, they look great on the dance floor.

Try out different colours and patterns and pair them with your outfit for a new summer look.

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