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Movies about Suicide that give Hope

Suicide is awful. Period. Be it for the ones who were close to the victim or even society at large. It is a subject that is difficult to deal with and talk about. We all search for the reasons as to why a person had to choose his demise and thought that this was the only answer to their life. As cinema has always been a representation of what our society goes through, there have been many movies over the years that have been successful in putting light on to the topic of suicide. Some of the best movies about suicide are heralded and applauded by people because of its dealing of the subject and cause of why it is also relatable for a lot of people.

These movies not only provide a window to what might be going on with someone who might actually be thinking of suicide, they also provide hope to the people and show them how a suicide can impact their loved ones. Movies can even give men who are feeling suicidal a chance again at life and can make them understand that suicide is not the only option left. 

On World Suicide Prevention Day, we are listing out movies that can provide hope for suicidal men. These movies about suicide are also educational for the loved ones.

Scent of a Woman

‘Scent of a Woman’ is a beautiful movie that encapsulates what it is to lose everything in life. It follows the story of retired Colonel Frank who is blind and his caretaker Charlie, a high schooler from a prestigious school. The events followed in the story soon start to envelope the reason behind the Colonel’s blindness and the reasons behind his erratic and stubborn behaviours, as he also succumbs to his lost faith in life. His blindness keeps him in the dark and with no one left to care for him or be a friend, Charlie comes in as the saviour to his morbid life. It’s a beautiful story about friendship, mental illness and why you should never give up even when you have every reason to. It’s a must watch for men due to the reason that its main cast members are two males who develop a beautiful friendship. 

Manchester by the Sea

A heartbreaking story of a father who had made an innocent mistake that changed his life forever. It is a beautiful tale about the guilt a man faces in society and how gender roles play in certain situations. Lee Chandler the main character is shown to be a relatable and beaten down man who eventually in the film for the reason of being deemed guardian of his nephew has to confront his past once again. Every man should have this in their watch list as it is one of the best movies about suicide and mental illness.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’ is a coming of age movie that every young man or boy should watch, including adult men as well. It is a poetic and heartbreaking story that is hidden in the facade of a light teen movie but deals with strong themes such as abuse, mental health, depression and suicide. It follows the tale of titular character Charlie who has just entered as a fresher in high school. Throughout most of the film we are introduced to the quietness of Charlie and how he attracts two great friends but the notable thing that is noticed in the film is that Charlie is always seen writing about his day to someone in the form of a letter where the truth is later revealed in the film. It is a beautiful coming of age story that gives you a perspective of how everyone is fighting their own battles everyday. Still considered one of the best movies about suicide and depression worldwide.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

A movie about suicide, crime, injustice and sickness. ‘Three billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ follows the tale of a cast of well written characters, namely the protagonist Mildred Hayes who soughts justice from the police about her daughter’s murder and second protagonist Police Chief Bill Willoughby. The movie is more of a drama and crime film but why suicide stands out here is because of the character of Bill Willoughby. Willoughby’s character is in stark contrast to Mildred Hayes and shows an extremely good example of mental health in gendered roles. Willoughby’s character is tainted with loneliness and helplessness as he fights for hope knowing he is dying of an illness. Has been awarded for many Oscar nominations and awards and is one of the best movies about suicide and injustice.

A Silent Voice

A Japanese animation film but nonetheless a powerful one, ‘A Silent Voice’ takes you through a story about redemption, forgiveness and depression. It follows the story of a young boy who bullies a transfer student who happens to be deaf. The girl eventually is transferred out of the school due to the constant bullying and years go by, the characters grow up and the boy Shoya Ishida is shown to be someone who is bullied and ignored by everyone. Reaching the lowest point in his life, he starts to realise his actions and grows empathy for what he had done to the girl Shouko Nishimiya. He tries to get in touch with her in search of forgiveness and friendship. A movie that has an excellent portrayal of mental illness with stunning animation and creativity. Even though an Animation, ‘A Silent Voice’ succeeds in portraying mental health more than most movies out there and is a must watch for any adult male.

Girl, Interrupted

‘Girl, Interrupted’ is a movie adapted from the memoir of Susanna Kaysen. It is therefore based on true events of Susanna Kaysen’s life in a psychiatric hospital due to suffering from personality disorder in a span of two years. It follows a cast of female characters that are all diagnosed with some sort of mental illness and it is an uncomfortable movie to sit through because of its realism. It strongly deals with themes of weakness, vulnerability, mental sickness, depression and vividly includes suicide. It is a movie that is recommended if you are comfortable with vivid visuals of such themes only as it is not for the faint of heart but nonetheless one of the best movies about suicide.

A Star is Born

‘A Star is Born’ is a classic story that has many reiterations and is written in many languages including Hindi. Thi movie in particular stands out the most out of all the iterations. It follows the story of a successful Musician but also an alcohol addict who falls in love with a girl at a bar. He discovers that she has a singing talent and helps her to work on her dream of singing and gives her the platform to become a star. It is a story about addiction, rehabilitation and how fame once lost can break a man and make him do things that he never meant to. Feelings of jealousy, and hopelessness and the recurring answer of suicide as the way out are portrayed in the movie. It is a beautiful romantic but tragic story which is quite different than the rest on the list but nonetheless a movie about suicide and addiction.


Committing suicide has been a part of human psychology and can be traced back to our species history. Especially in the modern day you can frequently hear cases of suicide near you or maybe you knew someone who succumbed to it. As a man it is especially important to never lose hope and always keep on going no matter how hard life can get. These movies educate you about the effects of suicide on loved ones and how one can succumb to it. But it also teaches you a vital lesson of hope, as that is the only reason worth fighting for, the hope for a better day, a better life and a better you. If you are in need of help or know someone who needs help, you must seek help from a mental health expert immediately and take the initiative for a better future.

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