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Modern Technologies to lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle in 2022

In 2022, after the Covid strikes people are realising the importance of health and are in active search of ways that will aid them in leading a healthy lifestyle. Experts Say the ‘New Normal’ in 2025 Will Be Far More Tech-Driven. This also implies that our new healthy lifestyle will also be tech driven. Here is a list of few technologies once can consider for a healthy lifestyle-

Water Purifier

Today, most regions across the world need to purify water before use. The manufacturers across the globe are busy finding innovative water purifying technologies in order to cater to the need of their customers for potable water. Diamond Drops is helping the country fulfil this need by introducing Aquaporin Zero and Aquaporin One in the Indian market. The technology behind the products is a Nobel award winning technology and was first used by NASA. For instance, the technology in Zero is developed using aquaporins, the proteins responsible for transporting and purifying water in all living cells. Billions of years of evolution have made aquaporins super-efficient and super-selective, far better than any man-made water filter. When tap water flows through the Aquaporin Inside membrane in the ZERO, the natural aquaporin proteins act like a superhighway for water

Air Purifier

Dust and pollution have become a part of our daily lives these days. The pandemic has also made us aware that the air we breathe can transmit the virus. It makes it important for us to purify the surrounding air as much as possible. Products from Dyson use a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a series of special filters that remove harmful airborne particles.

Health and Wellness Apps

The best way to reduce any health risks is to prevent them. For example, Flaredown is an app that helps its users track health issues, always keep an eye on varied symptoms, and manage chronic illnesses. The app was featured at Forbes as one of the seven health technologies to watch for in the future

Fitness Wearables

Different devices are making it more convenient for everyone to be more efficient and productive. It is the technological advancements that introduced artificial intelligence. Fitbit, the company that single-handedly popularised the concept of fitness tracking, sells no fewer than seven different models on its own. And then there are fitness trackers from Samsung, Garmin, Amazfit and a dozen other companies. Firefly is a wearable device that helps speed up sports recovery after exercise and minor injuries. It is portable, has no trail or straps, and is worn behind the knee. Once attached, it delivers painless electrical impulses to gently lower the lower leg muscles to increase blood circulation.


Styler is the best companion for those single guys living alone. The true steam technology enables you to sanitise and clean your clothes. Just hang your clothes in the Styler and start the steam cycle through your phone. The Styler technology helps you in reducing bacteria and keep dust-mites and allergens away. The deep penetrating steam function, sleek design, wifi-enabled systems and time-saving functionality makes it the must have home appliance for men. This machine allows you to clean your clothes, heavy jackets, plush toys, blankets, suits and almost everything that is not easy to wash in a machine or by hand.

Keep your Blood Pressure in check with Omron Evolv

The Omron Evolv is a clinically approved and easy to use blood pressure monitor that is light enough in weight to carry anywhere. The machine lets you easily record, measure and share your Blood Pressure data points with your family and doctor with the help of an app. The device measures your blood pressure using heart health algorithms and advanced accuracy technology for precise determination. The Omron App is compatible with both iOS and Android and is one of our top rated gadgets.


Dehumidifiers help you maintain appropriate and healthy humidity levels in your house. Extreme humid temperatures are common in a tropical country like india. They give birth to mites, moulds and allergens and hence can put your and your family’s health at risk. It can cause allergies, bodily irritation, rashes, itchy throat and can even result in worse conditions of respiratory diseases.

Origin is one of the brands that makes dehumidifiers. Origin dehumidifiers come with a Auto Humidity sensor that automatically tracks levels of humidity in the room and adjusts it’s performance accordingly. This will atlast maintain humidity levels and reassure your family’s health.

Smart Scale

Smart scales aren’ the latest thing you will see on the internet but weighing scales have tok it to the next level. Weighing you isn’t the only thing that they do. The connected scales will help check your heart rate, body water percentage, body fat, bone mass and keep all these vials in record to keep a track of your progress. Isn’t this the best tool to keep your health in check during the again rising cases of the virus and a chance of us staying home in 2022.

One such smart scale is the fitbit Aria 2. The Aria 2 accurately measures body weight, body composition including fat percentage, muscle, water and bone mass and the body mass index.

The fitbit Aria 2 works great with Apple health, Google fit and Samsung S health. It easily connects with the fitbit app available for android, IOS and Kindle. Hence the user can easily share the data recorded on the scale to other devices. This will help you set goals, add reminders and keep a check on your progress.

Alas, the scale can distinguish among your measurements and others and hence the device can be shared with everyone in the household.


We are on a path to a digital world where man has no physical state, but a electronic presence. The social age is here and has taken over the major aspects of our lives. This is a major reason behind the detoriorating health of many. Also men had little time earlier for fitness and now the span has shrunk more. Hence, it has become important to give extra attention to health and lifestyle. In the past year, health and lifestyle problems among the world population have risen and that has pushed us to make progress in that direction. People have become more concerned. If you still aren’t then it is time to take action my friend.

Take a resolution this new year to approach life with better attitude. Take good care of the self and develop habits and cultures that make for a healthier lifestyle. The aforementioned devices might help you consider a better lifestyle and will assist you in forging ahead. 

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