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Men’s Health on the Move: Fitness Tips for Travelers and Jet Setters

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

With the changing times, leading a semi-nomadic lifestyle has become a reality for all of us. Whether it's for work or vacation, traveling now plays an essential role in our lives. Although, exploring new areas is enjoyable, we have to sacrifice our everyday routine. And having an exercise routine makes it much easier to maintain fitness.

However, once on the path, too many obstacles appear. Sometimes it's because there aren't any gyms around, and other times it's a lack of motivation.

Don't worry, we took care of everything.

So, the next time you're on a plane or on the road, just remember our tourist fitness mantra. And have a guilt-free vacation.

Fitness tips for men while traveling

Traveling necessitates meticulous planning. And it sounds much more when combined with fitness. So, here is a list of men's fitness strategies that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep it planned

Before you reach the destination, make sure to learn about the place. We tend to know more about posh malls and restaurants while organizing a trip and pay less attention to fitness issues. Hence, in addition to the tourism spots, get to know whether your hotel has a gym. Also, see whether there are any nearby healthy eateries.

If not, bring along some nutritious snacks and bars. Also, pack skipping ropes because they take up almost no space.

Stay active in journeys

To be honest, you don't always need gym equipment to stay active. Furthermore, sitting in the same position for a long period is hazardous to your health.

So, make the most of your freedom of mobility. Whether you're on a plane or have a layover at an airport. You can always choose to wander about instead of sitting idle.

Moreover, if you are driving, you can take a break and stretch your muscles.

Choose to walk or bike

With increased awareness of eco-friendly tourism, biking is becoming a more accessible choice in tourist destinations. It also ranks first on the list of exercises for health and fitness.

Even if you are unable to find bikes, you can always start a bit early and walk. What can be a better option to burn some extra calories?

No gym, No problem!

If you are out of luck in finding a gym near your hotel, you can try HIIT. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a vigorous and time-friendly routine. And it suits well even for a space-restricted hotel room.

You can incorporate various exercises as per your flexibility and time availability. One of the best beginner-level HIIT, you can try is as follows:

● Side lunges

● Squats

● Push-ups on the floor

● Jumping jacks

● Triceps dips

● Alternating high knees

● Sit-ups

Follow each of these exercises for 30 seconds each, with a break of 15 seconds slow march in-between.

Consecutively, rest for a minute and repeat these exercises set for two more times.

Always stay hydrated

Make water your best friend. Dehydration is a neglected aspect while traveling and takes a big toll on health. 3-4 litres of water each day is recommended for men's health. So, constantly keep sipping and stay hydrated.

Take healthy meals

Whether you're traveling or not, your diet has a big impact on your health and fitness.

Try to eat more greens and lean meat. If sugary destination cuisines appeal to you, go ahead and try them, but keep the portion size minimal. You may find it tough to eat well while traveling, but you should go for it rather than damaging your stomach by taking the easy route.

Have your beauty sleep

Although sleep sounds like a resting phase, it's in reality, the time our body works. During sleep, our body rejuvenates and repairs itself for the coming day.

Hence, try to have a proper sleep schedule. Also, you can carry sleep masks or earplugs to help you with efficient sleep.

Rely on Yoga

There may be days on tours, where you are too tired for an active workout. On such days, try yoga instead, rather than skipping your schedule.

Also, Travel routines are often hectic and can pinch the stress point of your brain, so in these times it is necessary to have a Yoga session that could make you feel relaxed and charge you up.

Based on your flexibility and time availability, you can opt for different asanas. So, next time you travel, try to fit a yoga mat in your luggage.

Ditch the Elevator

How frequently do we find stairs and then turn around to look for an elevator?

Stair climbing is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It also helps to strengthen your leg muscles. So, wherever you find those steps, keep hoping.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is certainly quite popular these days. So you may incorporate it into your training routine to gain the benefits.

It aids our bodies in using stored fat. Furthermore, metabolism accelerates. Finally, we consume fewer calories.


Travelers and jet setters suffer a time and choice-crunch when it comes to maintaining health and fitness. We hope our go-to checklist meets all of your requirements so you can board a plane or hit the road feeling prepared.

There is an availability of varied choices ranging from HIIT exercises, stair climbing to yoga and walking to fill in for the gym routine. Also, by wise choices of healthy meals and staying hydrated, fitness in journeys will never be a concern again.

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