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Men and Pubic hair: Let it go, or let it grow?

Body hair on men is seen by some as a symbol of masculinity or by some as being unkempt. People have their own preferences and opinions when it comes to the hair on men. However, the majority of people discuss the hair that is visible to the majority of people, namely the beard and chest hair.Men’s pubic hair is not something that people have an opinion about, mostly due to a lack of being asked, or it being a sensitive topic of discussion.

Pubic hair, like all other hair, is very natural in people of all genders. Many people choose to do nothing about this, while some choose to trim them, and others shave them off altogether. This may be done with regard to hygiene or keeping in mind one’s partner’s preferences or just for one’s own preference. In the article, we’ll explore the benefits of men shaving their pubic hair, and we’ll also discuss the disadvantages of it, to determine which end result is a better option.

Men are quite sensitive when it comes to talking about intimate aspects of their lives, even hygiene. Studies show that about 50% of men tend to manscape, i.e., trim or shave their bodily hair. This goes to show that almost half of all men prefer their pubic hair trimmed or taken off completely, and here is why:


Just like shaving and trimming hair on other parts of the body, taking a razor to one’s pubic hair will give one a much neater and cleaner look down there and make one look well-kept. It may also be quite appealing to some partners. It may also help you feel more confident and comfortable with your partner, while at the same time giving you a cleaner and tidier feeling.


Not only does the removal or trimming of pubic hair help you stay tidy, but it is also hygienic in many ways. When there is no hair, there is also a lot less sweat buildup in the area (this often leads to a smell or some unpleasantness). Another issue that is avoided is lice. Pubic hair lice are not a very common problem, but they are a problem. They are also known as the sexual disease called crabs, and the risk of it is reduced when there is no hair around your groin for the lice to latch onto.


Some men like the feel of a clean and shaved pubic area. The smoothness and hairless feeling may give a light and airy sensation. Some partners also prefer the smooth bare feel compared to the feeling of hair down there.

Sexual sensations:

The shaving and trimming of pubic hair also ensures that more of your private area is exposed, thus increasing sexual sensation and making the intimate act much more pleasurable and enjoyable. Men also trim or shave their hair keeping in mind their sexual activity and their partner, as, during oral sex, pubic hair that is overgrown and unkempt may lead to one’s partner getting turned off.

Although there may seem to be a lot of advantages to shaving down there, there are also a few cons to doing so.


For a reason, hair grows naturally around the body. The body produces and grows this hair constantly to keep itself safe from diet and germs entering the pubic area. So taking it off may make the body prone to such infections. Constant shaving down there can also lead to ingrown hairs that can be very painful and very frustrating. The continued shaving itself can also lead to skin infections like cellulitis.

Hurt and irritation

Men have an extremely sensitive area down there with the testicular sac. In the case of using a razor or a trimmer down there, if the job isn’t done right, it could cut or graze the skin down there and become extremely painful for the next few days. After a shave, there could also be bumps and rashes that occur, which may not be hurtful but can cause irritation and a scratching sensation. When the pubic hair is shaved off or trimmed, it naturally grows back, and the time when it starts to grow can become extremely uncomfortable as it can make the person very itchy and unbearable.


During sex, there is obviously a lot of friction in the groin area of the people who are involved in the act. The pubic hair basically acts as a protective cushion to guard your skin against the friction that arises from the rubbing of skin during the act, which can in turn cause discomfort and friction burns.

Conclusion: Should you shave or not?

Following a discussion of the foregoing, the question of whether or not to shave one’s pubic hair arises. The answer to that is that it is entirely up to the discretion of that person. Shaving pubic hair has some benefits but also has some drawbacks to it, and one should take all this into consideration while making a well-informed choice of whether or not to curb that hair. While it may be fashionable, give you a hygienic feeling, or make sex more pleasurable, it can also cause irritation and uncomfortableness for you for a while, and you’re also prone to more serious problems without it. A good tip is to have a discussion with your partner, and if you are both completely comfortable with pubic hair, then there is no reason you should continuously shave down there, but maybe a little trim so as to not let the hair run wild.

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