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Men and Home Gyming Routine with Sancket Kamdar

Home Gyming or exercising in one’s own space has always existed but in a restricted manner. For instance, people merely owned a treadmill or cycling machine to exercise in their houses which also used to become obsolete after a certain time. However, COVID19 and its induced lockdowns around the world, certainly enhanced the essence that home workouts can be more enhanced and comprehensive to maintain good health for men with quick yet effective workout sessions at home.

Although, there can be some challenges with regards to the home workouts or home gyming of various nature which can put some hindrance for men. Therefore, Best For Him invited Sancket Kamdar, founder of SF HealthTech and a certified trainer himself to shed light on ensuring that home workouts remain effective, interesting and cost-effective for men.

In conversation with Best For Him Podcast anchor Bhawana, Sancket underlined the fact that ‘yes, people especially men have become highly mindful of their health and started to ensure that they are living a good healthy routine that includes regular workout sessions’.

Gymming at home

Shunning the gendering associated with workouts, Sancket explained ‘how workouts should not be associated with the gender of the fitness enthusiast rather should be treated like a balanced meal including stretching, cardio and various other kinds of exercises’.

On the other hand, putting up a home gym can be costly and Sancket shared some cost-effective solutions for home gymming where he advised listeners ‘to have compact and multi-functional equipment that can help men in focusing on different body parts or overall body functioning’.

Sancket also explained ‘effective methods to remain motivated during home workouts and a set of workout routines men should have in their schedule’.

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