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Low Calorie Snacks for the busy Man

We often end up grabbing an unhealthy snack for the sake of filling our tummy. Low-calorie snacks are a great option for men who’re usually busy and on the go.

When your stomach is rumbling with hunger and you want to have a quick bite, your hands instinctively move towards a packet of chips or junk food items. For those busy men who deeply invest their time into work, having a hunger pang now and then is common. However, one cannot grab just any random snack. It is important to make sure that the food that you’re consuming is healthy. For a busy man, low calorie snacks are the best options.

Snacks define the small amount of food which we consume between meals. Studies say, almost one-third of our body’s calorie intake is determined by the snacks we’re consuming.

Men must always go for low-calorie snacks as they’re rich in nutrients which your body requires in order to be in action daily.

Low calorie diet snacks have countless benefits. These snacks can provide energy as well as a sound sleep at night. The large quantity of nutrients and minerals carried by low-calorie snacks has the ability to maintain one’s immune system. Men consuming low-calorie snacks experience less hunger pangs as those food bites can make one feel full for long durations. This allows one to avoid overeating during mealtimes.

Here are some low calorie snacks options for all the busy men out there:


Oats as low calorie snacks.

Apart from being a wholesome breakfast option, oats can be consumed as snacks too. 

Oats are rich in protein and fibre. Only half a cup of dry oats can do wonders to your health. For men, it is one of the most solid and healthy food items one can incorporate in the list.

Mixing oats with nuts ,fruits and even a tiny amount of chocolate can enhance its taste. You can also consume oats by making cookies, smoothies and pancakes out of it.

Chocolate- covered nuts

Both chocolates and nuts are known for being abundant in nutrients. Minimally-processed dark chocolate is much healthier than milk chocolate and white chocolate. Apart from being filled with protein, nuts contain unsaturated fat, omega- 3 fatty acids, vitamins and fibre.

For men chocolate-covered nuts are nutritious as well as a fun snack option.

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs as low calorie snacks.

Eggs are full of vitamins, minerals and iron. They contain adequate protein and are called ‘nutrient powerhouse’ by many physicians. For men, one to two hard-boiled eggs are enough for a day. They are easy to eat snacks, especially when you’re on the go.

Carrot and hummus

Fibre and protein are two products that make one feel satiated after consumption.

Men can opt for carrot and hummus as low-calorie snacks, which comprise of both fibre and protein.

Hummus is a Middle-eastern dip made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. It traditionally goes well with falafel, a deep-fried street food famous in middle eastern cuisine. To give it a nutritious twist, one can eat hummus with carrots.

You can even make hummus at home as it can be easily stored for upto 5 days.


Fruits as low calorie snacks.

Colourful, juicy and yummy! We all know that fruits scream wholesomeness!

Fruits are one of the low-calorie food products you can find. They are accessible and are great snacking options. Fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, and cherries have low calories.

For men, one large fruit or a bowl of fruits can be a fitting low-calorie snack. You can also add a dollop of yoghurt or fresh cream to make your fruits more appealing.


For men who prefer liquid food over solids during snack hours, smoothie is a great alternative. Homemade smoothies are better options as you can control the amount of calories you put in it. It takes minimum time to prepare a smoothie. Just throw in your ingredients in a blender, switch it on and you’re done!

Banana smoothie, green smoothie and strawberry smoothie are some of the great options you can choose from. You can even make a smoothie out of your preferences and give it a personal touch. However, it is important to check the calorie count of the ingredients before consuming it.

A tip: Instead of using sugar, use ingredients like yoghurt, honey, jaggery and fruits that contain natural sugar for the smoothie.


Popcorn tops the list when it comes to a high fibre, low-calorie snack food. Men must opt for air-popped corn which does not come with any added flavours like butter or various other toppings. Popcorn is a whole grain snack with nutrients and antioxidants.


It is important for men to take care of what they are consuming. Men who tirelessly work need a snack break in between. What they choose to eat should be healthy. When it comes to healthy snacking, low-calorie snacks come to the rescue.

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