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Lets Grow the Best Beard

Not feeling macho enough? Want to get rid of that baby face and add some dashing weight to your personality? Or does the patchy beard make you lose confidence? Then, this article is for you my friend. Let’s dive straight into it.

Basic Beard Growth Facts

  1. When you start growing the beard, it will initially look strange for the first few days, if you’re not used to the tiny haired stubble, wait it out to grow to an acceptable size.

  2. When the stubble grows out further, there is a possibility that the beard will start to itch and make you wanna shave it and let it regrow . It is perfectly normal for a beard to itch, and there are ways to control an itchy beard.

  3. Your beard will need regular washing, moisturising, and conditioning to grow into a thick, shiny and heavy mane that you can flex with confidence.

  4. While you need to be patient while growing it out, you also need to know when to trim and shape it properly in order to not look messy and to prevent uneven hair growth.

Changing your lifestyle to get a better beard

  1. Be patient: This may not sound very supportive, yet trust us, as a general rule, the absence of patience is the genuine reason for the absence of facial hair growth with regards to certain individuals. Everybody has distinctive facial hair development rates, and not every person is honoured with fast facial hair growth. Facial hair becomes inconsistent or lopsided for half a month, and bam, the eagerness causes them to shave it on the grounds that it wasn’t ‘growing as expected’.

  2. There are some ridiculous theories that recommend one can witness a full facial hair growth within a month, and some that propose it shouldn’t require over 2 months to grow a full facial hair growth. Kindly don’t believe any of them. All stubbles are unique and some take as much time as is needed. Simply hold on for the inconsistency and patchy growth for some time.

  3. Focus on your diet and nutrition: Applying the fanciest of gels and mixtures won’t help you, if your eating routine is poor and non-nutritious. Presently, a decent eating routine won’t supersede genetic qualities, yet we set that to the side, it will cause your facial hair to grow faster, and make it thick and shinier. To have quick facial hair growth, one is required to have a lot of protein, food varieties high in iron and zinc, just as whole grains and healthy fats. Nutrients A, B, C, D, and E additionally help, and they can be found in foods grown from the ground.

  4. Exercise: You should exercise anyway to get healthier, but it has a substantial role to play in beard growth as well. Exercising facilitates healthy blood flow, and circulation helps stimulate hair follicle growth. Also, resistance training may temporarily boost testosterone, which helps in hair and beard growth. Exercising will also prevent chances of obesity, which is a contributing factor behind low testosterone.

  5. Quit Smoking: Smoking impacts blood circulation in the body, and therefore decreases capillary blood flow to the hair root. As a result, the cells are denied optimum conditions that facilitate beard growth. In other words, smoking causes degeneration that is similar to ageing. Hence, for better, optimum, and faster beard growth, one must consider quitting smoking.

  6. A good Sleep: Sleeping is of utmost importance when it comes to faster growth. Sleeping boosts testosterone, and also recovery of your system. In fact, the testosterone in the system is primarily released during sleep, without which beard growth will definitely be stunted.

  7. Washing and hair care: Washing and moisturising your beard may not directly result in faster growth, but will definitely help in an indirect manner. Washing your beard thoroughly will ensure the removal of dust and dry skin on your beard follicles, and moisturising it will make sure that the skin underneath, as well as the beard itself are well hydrated and nourished.

  8. Beard products: While it has not been proven scientifically that beard oils, lotions, and balms actually help with faster beard growth, there are theories that state some extracts may help. However, they do help with moisturising and shaping the beard, and definitely improves how the beard looks. Moreover, the circulation involved in massaging them into the beard facilitates improved blood circulation, which may be helpful in faster beard growth and a shinier coat of hair.

Some beard products you can use:

  1. Beard wash/shampoo

  2. Beard oil

  3. Beard balm

  4. Beard serum

  5. Beard conditioner

  6. Beard softener

  7. Beard Brush/comb

Some myths about beard growth:

  1. Shaving is good for beard growth

  2. One needs pills and supplements to make beard grow faster

  3. A beard takes about 3-4 weeks to fully cover your face

  4. You should have a full beard by the age of 20

  5. A patchy beard will always remain patchy

The best beard growth tips in a nutshell would be maintaining a good lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, and a good grooming routine. Have patience, and it shall happen.

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