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Is Your Masculinity Stopping You From Watching Barbie?

Greta Gerwig's inventive picture "Barbie," which was released on July 21st, was a win for audiences everywhere. In this fascinating story, charming Margot Robbie plays Barbie herself, and the lovable Ryan Gosling plays her loving boyfriend.

As it moves beyond Barbie's idyllic world, the film takes us on an amazing voyage of self-discovery and resiliency. Everything appears to be great in her Barbie world, but fate takes an unexpected turn, upsetting her peace of mind. A series of unplanned events transports Barbie and her friends to the unpredictable world of humans.

Barbie faces challenges that test her fortitude and versatility as she navigates the dangers of the human world. In this weird atmosphere, she discovers the raw emotions, struggles, and imperfections that make humans so distinctive and lovely. The global smash hit "Barbie" has defied gender preconceptions and captivated audiences of all sexes and ages. Men from all around the world have embraced the film and the vivid pink culture it represents, freeing themselves from any kind of preconceived notions. The cultural impact of this film has spurred talks about defying society's standards and living truthfully without fear of criticism or stereotyping. Men who embrace Barbie-inspired pink culture feel empowered to express themselves and participate in activities traditionally associated with women without fear of bias or contempt.

As the pink wave of acceptance sweeps the globe, the film serves as an inspiration of hope, encouraging a society in which everyone can live genuinely and freely. It shows how questioning gender stereotypes enhances society as a whole, resulting in a more compassionate, perceptive, and united society.

How Gender roles are planted in children?

The notion that certain toys are only suitable for boys or girls fosters negative gender stereotypes and limits children's capacity to express themselves and grow as individuals. As children age up and progress in their lives, there are many preconceptions that they inherit in their minds. Boys start believing that in order to be a man, there are some stereotypical ideals and policies that they need to follow, and also some policies that they should reject. These rejections are not based on any natural or logical factors but are based just on the thought that they are ‘Feminine’ and should be rejected by men, to sustain their Manly Images.

Judging effects of Gender-stereotypes

Our society is filled with Taboos, on various subjects. Gender Taboos and stereotypes are not new things to discover. We all have been exploring it and going through it. What is important for us is to evolve and make ourselves free from any sort of pre-notions, that portray gender biases and that harm the gender equality policies. Watching movies like Barbie, or taking up the ‘Pink Culture’, supposedly should not, and does not harm any sort of Masculinity, and Men should not think that this culture is a threat to their masculinity, and will damage their 'manly image'.

And if there are still some men who think like this and are resistant to any kind of newer change, then unfortunately, they are not willing to adapt to newer definitions of Masculinity and Gender equality and are sticking to judgemental stereotypes.

It is critical to reject gender preconceptions and accept the idea that Art, Literature, movies, toys, activities, and interests are not gender-specific.

Is it acceptable for guys to watch Barbie?

When watching Barbie or any other movie, there should be no gender limits or preconceived notions of masculinity or femininity. To like a film like Barbie has nothing to do with one's gender identity or expression. It is vital to reject gendered stereotypes that associate certain films or activities with specific genders.

Barbie is a philosophical movie, that touches on topics like feminism, existentialism, mind control, empowerment of women, and many other vital subjects. Men who watch Barbie can actually send a strong message of inclusion and acceptance. It indicates their belief in their interests and their willingness to try new things without being restricted by social standards. Inspiring men who appreciate Barbie and similar films help to break down barriers and build a culture of equality and inclusion.

By supporting films like Barbie, people can battle harmful gender stereotypes and build a future in which everyone can pursue their hobbies without fear of judgment or stereotyping. It fosters a society in which people are free to express themselves and do what they want without being constrained by social standards. In conclusion, liking a movie's story, characters, and ideas has nothing to do with being feminine or masculine. It is a celebration of various points of view that brings society closer to inclusiveness and acceptance. Let us break free from gender-based limits, whether with Barbie or any other movie, in order to embrace the magic of narrative together, regardless of gender. So watch and explore the ‘Barbie World’ in your nearest theatres!

Article by: Drabina Mahaldar

Edited By: Puneet Kapani

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