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Influencers to follow for Men’s makeup

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Men have always been stereotyped into an image of masculine, strong, protectors of the earth. With the world taking new steps in recreation of gender roles every day, it is important to understand that makeup has no gender. It was made with the idea to make people look great and make them feel good about themselves.

There are many who think of make up as products to cover our flaws. But if the truth be told, makeup has always been one of the ingredients in our recipe for confidence. It can never cover the flaws of any one’s personality but it can definitely make people feel great about themselves.

So, why the stereotype of makeup being a necessity only of the female gender? With the world becoming more gender neutral and with men breaking the barriers and stereotypes that have been holding them and our society, makeup has increasingly become a commodity for all.

Taking a few more steps in that direction, here we are supporting and getting inspired by the makeup looks created by these male influencers. Take your dose of inspiration:

1. Ankush Bahuguna

Slowly, but surely, finding his way, Ankush has become a household name for many. While on his main account the influencer has gained popularity with his honest views. On the other hand, his other account, ‘wingitwithankush’, is purely dedicated to his tryst with make-up.

He experiments not only with his looks but has now also tried his hands on various influencers and celebrities. The videos shared are not only inspiring but informative enough that even amateurs can create these wonderful looks.

2. Deep Pathare

Sharp eye looks with some great contouring and shimmer. Deep Pathare’s make-up looks are to die for. If you are looking to ace the game of bold looks and apart from some, ‘how to videos’ are also looking for some inspiration and confidence then this is your stop.

In the captions one can also find products and brands used for any look. A perfect way to start your journey in makeup, while being confident and true to yourself.

3. Shantanu Dhope

Recently covered by a prominent magazine, Shantanu Dhope’s account is full of bold makeovers. If you are looking for some animated looks which can literally transform how you look, you have hit the right account.

From Halloween looks to character looks from series or 60’s inspired makeup look, the influencer has it all. A real dig for people looking to dive deep.

4. Jason Arland

If it’s one of those days where you do not want to go all out with your look but are leaning towards some simplistic, yet charming effects, we recommend Jason Arland.

Shimmer, glowy look and some very interesting eyeliner concepts, Jason Arnold has pioneered them all.

5. Pranav Khot

If you are just starting out in this amazing journey of makeup, then our recommendation for you is to check our Pranav Khot’s account. The influencer puts out some very informative videos and reels for anyone who is ready to experiment in this journey.

The looks put up can easily be used as day to day wear. The account has some really positive vibes and inspirational quotes on the post. Truly, the best way for anyone to take an inspiration and head straight into whatever they might want to be.

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