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How to win over Allergies tells allergy doc

I have been treating patients with allergies for more than two decades. Everyday I see patients who have been sneezing since childhood. Patients with nasal blockage, congestion, itching eyes ,Asthma who have been led to believe there is no cure and they have to live with allergies.

But allergies are treatable and there is a three-step process to win over allergies. Let’s understand this simple process so that we can take the right measures to win over our allergic condition. However it’s not going to be a small battle because allergies need constant separation and it may take months if not weeks to let the body know that it needs to fight no more against that particular allergen.


With the help of a complete allergy test by skin prick method. This is a painless, bloodless test where medicine is applied on the skin and you get a result in 15 minutes. It’s also 98% accurate. WHO calls it the gold standard of allergy testing.


Eliminate the positive foods from your diet and follow strict house dust mite avoidance measures. Avoid bitter sore and stale food material as they increase the tendency to allergy. Try and eat raw fruits and vegetables and avoid any sort of preservatives in your diet. You can use air purifiers, masks and frequent hand washing to avoid many allergens.


Vaccines which are tailor made for each patient depending on their allergy test. Both oral and injectable immunotherapy is available.

We have helped thousands of patients suffering from Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic urticaria and children on nebulisers get better and lead normal lives.

Allergy intervention also prevents further complications like Asthma sleep apnea syndrome, nasal polyps and sinusitis. Leaving allergies untreated can be dangerous for you.

Let’s break the myth. Allergy is treatable. And you can win over allergies very easily.

This article has been authored by Dr. Sarika Verma, a leading otorhinolaryngologist of Gurugram popularly know as allergy doc.

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