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How to tell your Partner about your Past Relationships

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Having a new love in your life and cherishing the new relationship is always great. With a new partner, comes the honeymoon phase at first, filled with deep talks and romance. It always feels amazing with them as you continue to go on amazing dates, drinking wine, dancing and knowing them as a person. However, as the time passes, they might ask you about your past relationships and why they ended. This is a touchy topic and telling your partner about your past is not that easy.

So you have got the flowers, a box of chocolates and are off to your partner’s place to surprise them. This new relationship, perhaps, seems like a breath of fresh air to you. With a new partner by your side, you might feel like you can achieve anything in life, even climb Mount Everest! All you can do is think about them and where you guys can go for the next date. A new relationship always feels like that, that is the beauty of it. It comes by surprise and sweeps you off your feet.

However, relationships can be a tricky business. While your partner would love to spend time with you and get to know you, they would also like to know about your former partners and why your past relationships never worked out. It is not because they find flaws in you but because they want to know about your past along with your present. But telling your past to your partner is not as easy as it seems.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to let you know how to talk about your past relationships with your partner. Have a look below:

The Details

When you are about to share about your past with your partner, there must be a lot that you might want to tell them. After all, your ex was a person with their own identity. However, you need to limit the details about them as much as you can. There is no need to talk about how beautiful their hair were or how pouty their lips were. That might irritate your present partner, thinking that you still think about your ex. Cut back on such details as much as you can and only share the basic information, such as what went wrong or how long the relationship was.

Know the Right Time

Past Relationship is a sensitive topic. Know the right time to talk about it.

If your relationship has just begun, talking about your exes is just going to show your red flags. It is not important that you share such a touchy subject in the beginning. Wait for a while and talk about it when it seems that they are interested to know about your past. You first need to let them know what kind of a person you are. However, this does not mean that once you start talking, you blabber everything out. Take your time and talk about it while thinking about it as well.


While you are sharing your past with your partner, no matter how much better your ex had been in bed or how prettier they were, never compare your current partner to them. It can cause them to be jealous as well as insecure even if it is not required. Your partner needs to know that your past does not mean anything to you anymore and won’t be interfering in your current relationship.

Talking about Sexual Pleasure

While talking about Past Relationships, it's better not to talk about intimate moments.

It is pretty obvious that no matter who you dated before your current partner, they might have been intimate with you. However, talking about it out loud and sharing its minute details will be a big mistake. Let this topic not come into the picture.


Your new relationship is a delicate one in the beginning as you guys haven’t decided if you are going to be with each other forever. However, sharing your past is important in a relationship, no matter when you do it. With all the good things come the bad ones such as talking about your past. If you keep the above factors in mind, things will go quite smoothly, and your partner will too be able to share their past with you. Good Luck!

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