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How to nail your photoshoot: Poses for men

When you’re unable to get good pictures despite looking incredible, it’s a whole other level of heartbreak. With the festive season being right around the corner, you can see young men in gorgeous outfits, looking extremely handsome. But how to pose is an ongoing dilemma when it comes to men and photoshoots. Men are hesitant to do something different for a photoshoot. This brings a sigh of regret later. Your Instagram feed should be as fiery as you are. There are many trending poses for men to nail in your photoshoot.

Your outfit and the occasion play a vital role in determining your poses. However, there are some general poses for men that give your photos an edgy look and go along with almost every style.

Tilt your head and smile

Let’s start with a basic one. Often, when nothing works, your smile is the saviour. Tilt your head a little to the side, and just smile. You can also change your expression and try a more intense stare. This depends entirely on what you are looking to get out of your photoshoot.

Hands in the pockets

This pose for men needs no introduction. Often, men do this pose only when nothing else strikes their minds, but we can’t deny the fact that this pose is evergreen and classy. Put one hand in your pocket and look into the camera lens for some elegant classic clicks.

Lean on

Leaning against a wall or any object sideways or at the back can give a sexy vibe to your photo. You can keep your legs straight for a more intense look. For a casual look, you can lean one foot against the object on which you are leaning. You should feel free to experiment with angles also. A picture taken from a low angle will in all likelihood make it onto your social media.

Fold your hands

This is a simple pose with many possibilities. A serious expression on the face can make the photo appear authoritative. A smile can add a casual kick to the photo. This pose for men can be rocked in both a casual and a professional shoot.

Adjust your outfit

Adjusting your shirt or wearing your watch can give a brilliant candid picture look to your photoshoot. You can have different expressions according to your mood or purpose. Make sure to adjust it in reality so that it doesn’t look fake in the pictures. Let the camera do its work.


You can ask your cameraperson to click your pictures while you take a walk. Just take a walk normally, and keep your neck still. Keep on changing your face angles and get the perfect walking pictures that add an authoritative and decent vibe to your photoshoot. Make sure you don’t walk too fast. It can be difficult for the camera person to capture you with stability in pictures.

Play with your hair

You can put your hand in your hair and style it. This gives a quirky vibe and also a candid picture look. This pose brings chemistry to the picture. You can also try it while keeping your eyes closed and giving a hot subtle expression to make it look sexy.

Hold one arm

This pose will make you look like nothing less than a model. Just hold one arm with the other and tilt your head a bit. Smile or not, this pose is classy and very trendy, especially in street-style photography. You can rock this pose with a casual dress code. Keep your chin up and maintain a gap between your feet with shoulder distance.


It can be confusing for men to decide how to pose when being photographed. These are some very basic photo shoot ideas that can amaze people on your social media. Keep us updated and grab all the attention with your classy, hot, and gorgeous pictures. You can follow all the tips mentioned above to avoid remorse later about not having any good pictures taken when you think you look stunning.

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