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How to help a friend during Breakup

Breakups are hard, be it when we are on the receiving end of it, or even when one of our best buddies is going through it. They are not only the end of a relationship they are also the end of many partnerships which have seen dreams of a lifetime. It might be cliche to say it but breakups suck. During such hard times many men go into their cocoon and stop responding to their friends or family. They prefer being on their own. Although during such hard times it is important that you share your emotions with your friends. Here is how you can help out a friend who might be going through a breakup.

We have no doubt that you were happy to finally see your friend in a serious relationship, taking their partner to amazing dates, buying gifts for them and surprising them in different ways. You were glad that they had found their happiness and might pop the question the very next day. However, fate had other plans for them, and soon their partner beca