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How to find the ‘one’ with Music

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

From grooving to our favourite beats to singing lullabies to a toddler, the presence of music is immaculate. Music can be in every form and shape. It can be profound like the squeak of insects or loud and proud like an orchestra! It is true that music plays an important role in our minds. Different kinds of music evoke different emotions or thoughts in our minds. One of them is passion. After all, we all are familiar with the painstaking task of choosing songs whenever we play one for our date. Want to know how you can find the ‘one’ with music? Read on to know more.

For years, countless songwriters have devoted their words to love, romance and lovemaking. Music has an ethereal presence when in love or when dating someone!

You must be friendly if you’re an unapologetic romantic like me because a fine song can create the right ambiance for your amore. If you’re looking for an intimate relationship, consider good music taste as one of the conditions.

Here are some ways how the tunes can help you to find that ‘one’ person:

Best informer

Before starting a romantic relationship, knowing about your partner’s personality is important.

Music and personality traits go hand-in-hand. One’s preference in music is an open ground in familiarising with their personality. 

For instance, people who favour pop music tend to be more extroverted. On the contrary, those who consider complex music styles like classical and jazz tend to be introverts. 

So, if your beau is into jazz, pick Chico and Rita for your next movie night. Trust me, you and your date will be smitten in no time!

Share likeness

We often strive to find common likes and dislikes at the onset of a fling. Music can help you in finding similarities with your partner. 

Knowing music can go a long way if you find it hard to initiate conversations. After all, don’t we love to keep on talking when it comes to our favourite genre or artist? 

A brownie point if your date also shares a similar inclination towards the tunes. A win-win situation!

Music can bring out that positivity in your relationship.

Brings out positivity

Doesn’t it sound like a romantic date idea; your beau, and a passionate song?

Above all the needs of a romantic relationship, the presence of a positive aura is necessary, whether you need to have a fun time or discuss something grave!

The tunes and the sounds you love can create the just ambiance you want. It encourages you to hold onto eagerness and compliance. 

Create a bond

If you’re someone who doesn’t do flings and wants to create a bond with your partner, you can find that bond with your tunes.

A *researcher from Aarhus University, Jan Stupacher, implies that music uniquely creates social bonding. Grooving to a similar beat could help you to connect and create a bond with a partner.

So next time you go for a date to a dance club, do not forget to sync your moves with your partner!


With music, create your love story like a broadway musical!

To add it to your affair, create a playlist to which you and your partner can listen together. Grind and groove to the theme of the song. Trust me; your chemistry will reach a transcending level!

Experiment with different genres and find that ‘special song’ you and your partner would listen to daily. In the art of lovemaking, a shared love for the tunes is your perfect wingman!


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